MIL-OSI USA: Rep. Roy issues statement on H.R. 8070

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Source: United States House of Representatives – Representative Chip Roy (R-TX)

WASHINGTON, DC — Representative Chip Roy (TX-21) issued the following statement after voting for H.R. 8070:

“Today, I voted for the FY2025 National Defense Authorization Act (H.R. 8070). While not perfect, this bill makes critical and necessary steps to push back against President Biden’s and radical progressive Democrats’ agenda by refocusing our military on readiness and lethality. 

Contrary to claims by my Democrats colleagues, we didn’t start the culture war — they did. Republicans are refocusing the priorities of the Pentagon back on readiness and lethality where it needs to be. I was pleased to see that the House adopted my amendment to defund Biden’s climate change hysteria policies at the Pentagon on a bi-partisan basis. This legislation also ends the authorization of funding for Biden’s illegal abortion travel fund,  gender transition procedures, and wasteful and divisive DEI offices.  This bill shows what Republicans are capable of when we unite with principle and purpose in mind. 

The United States military is not meant to be a social experiment wrapped in uniform; its purpose is to deter and, if necessary, destroy America’s enemies and threats to our way of life. The American people need and deserve the kind of security that’s only possible with a serious, mission-first military, and this bill helps us get back to that.”