MIL-OSI USA: Rep. Barry Moore supports NDAA focused on service member quality of life

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Source: United States House of Representatives – Congressman Barry Moore

Washington, D.C.- Today, Rep. Barry Moore (AL-02) released a statement after voting in favor of H.R. 8070, the 2025 National Defense Authorization Act. This legislation improves quality of life for servicemembers and their families by providing a 19.5% pay raise for the junior enlisted and a 4.5% pay raise for all other servicemembers, boosting funding to build and improve military housing, and expanding access to childcare for military families while rejecting Biden’s radical policies. 

The NDAA also includes Rep. Moore’s amendment to require the Department of Defense to notify a state’s Senators and Member of Congress that represent the affected military installation if they reprogram money away from that installation. This idea came to mind in the wake of last month’s Fort Novosel funding rumors.

“We must ensure that our servicemembers can care for their families despite Biden’s skyrocketing inflation,” said Moore. “This legislation prioritizes service members’ quality of life and a strong national defense to counter increasing threats to our freedom, while also rejecting Biden’s radical policies such as abortion travel funding, critical race theory, and drag queen story hour on our military bases.”

The 2025 House version of the National Defense Authorization Act:

  • Provides junior enlisted service members with a 19.5% pay raise

  • Authorizes a 4.5% pay raise across the board

  • Authorizes over $693 million to build new family housing units

  • Authorizes $166 million over the president’s budget to renovate and build new barracks

  • Authorizes essential military projects and expands logistics capabilities in the Indo-Pacific

  • Cuts over $4.3 billion in weapons programs that have not met development milestones or are experiencing excessive cost growth

  • Requires all military promotions and command decisions to be based on merit rather than political affiliation, race, sex, ethnicity or religion

  • Provides service members with direct access to specialty medical providers by waiving the TRICARE referral requirement

  • Expands the number of doctors working for the Department of Defense by extending recruitment bonuses and providing increased compensation

  • Requires the Department of Defense to develop recommendations to fill healthcare staffing shortages at military treatment facilities in rural areas

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