MIL-OSI USA: Senator Marshall Joins American Agenda on Newsmax: Inflation is a Direct Result of Joe Biden’s Policies

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US Senate News:

Source: United States Senator for Kansas Roger Marshall
Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joinedAmerican Agenda on Newsmax to discuss the President Trump endorsed candidates winning GOP Primary Races nationwide, the eight suspected terrorists with ISIS ties that crossed the border just a day after Biden’s failed Executive Order that went into effect, and Americans suffering from Bidenflation nationwide.
You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full interview. Highlights from Senator Marshall’s interview include:On President Trump-Endorsed candidates winning GOP primaries:“There’s nothing but great news coming from polling all across the nation, but why wouldn’t there be? If you think about every election, and every election is about the future, and it’s about voter turnout, and as we think about the top two issues going on right now, the open southern border, and the price of gasoline and groceries. So that’s an easy question, if you’re President Donald Trump… you can point to your record and say look, I closed the border, inflation was 2%, the economy was the best of your lifetime, what can Joe Biden point to?”On eight suspected terrorists with possible ISIS ties coming through our wide-open southern border:“This is the tip of the iceberg, think about the two million ‘gotaways’ that have come into this country under Joe Biden – how many of those people were terrorists?”“What we know is if the border patrol sees more than a thousand people a day they’re overwhelmed and they’re not able to do an adequate background check. But what kind of background check can you do on people coming from these rogue nations? It’s not like you can go to the FBI data bank and check these people out. So it’s no surprise at all to us. This is why we need to secure our borders. This is why Donald Trump is gonna get re-elected, we need a sheriff in town that cares about securing our borders. ”“There’s hundreds of more terrorists just like these that are in this country. In addition to that, you have the Chinese triad and the cartel here with posts, organized crime throughout the country.”“You have Joe Biden aiding and abetting it [the border crisis], his policies, this last Executive Order, actually, just emboldens the cartel, he’s actually making them richer because of this process…”“Joe Biden, you know, he has the responsibility on his shoulders of the 225,000 Americans that have died from fentanyl poisoning on his watch as well. This is why Biden’s numbers are falling every day, and this is why Donald Trump’s numbers are coming up.”On new inflation data holding interest rates steady and Americans hurting nationwide:“Since Joe Biden took office, gasoline is up probably close to 50% or 55%, groceries are up about 20%. The average Kansas family is spending $1,000 a month more for those basic necessities of life. And why? This inflation is a result of Joe Biden’s policies, his policies that include increased taxes, increased spending, increased regulatory environment, all of those are leading to inflation.”“So you’re not going to see inflation slow down until we the federal government stop spending so much money and you’re not going to see interest rates come down until they have confidence that the federal government is going to stop spending more than we’re taking in.”