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MIL-OSI United Kingdom: The British Embassy has selected five Ambassadors for a Day 2024

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Source: United Kingdom – Executive Government & Departments

Five Argentine young women aged between 18 and 23 will have the opportunity to share a working day with Ambassador Kirsty Hayes and other Embassy officers.

After a careful selection process, the British Embassy in Argentina has announced that five Argentine young women aged between 18 and 23 are the winners of the “Ambassador for a day” competition new edition, which will give them a first-hand experience of diplomatic work and enable them to join a network of female leaders from different countries in the region.

The programme aims to promote women’s inclusion in different areas of work and society as a whole and contribute to their empowerment by providing more tools for them to fully develop their potential.

The selected candidates who will become “ambassadors for one day” are Isabella Bottero (18, Law student at the University of Buenos Aires), Delfina Chavez Blasi (20, Artificial Intelligence Engineering student at the University of San Andres), Agustina Díaz (18, International Relations student at Universidad Católica Argentina), Mailén Anahí Maciel (23, Law and Labor Relations student at the Universidad Nacional del Nordeste) and Abril Perazzini (18, Political Science student at Universidad de Buenos Aires).

The winners of the competition will have the opportunity to join British Ambassador Kirsty Hayes and other members of the diplomatic mission in their day-to-day work, attend meetings of the Embassy’s work teams, get to know some of the organizations and experts that the Embassy works with, join the Latin American network of Ambassadors for a Day and take part in virtual or in-person meetings with British ambassadors and deputy heads of mission, access increased opportunities to attend courses or talks on women’s empowerment and participate in future British Embassy events and activities. 

After hearing the results, British Ambassador to Argentina Kirsty Hayes, said:

This is the third year in a row that we have organized this competition. Young people from all over Argentina submitted exceptional applications, and we continue to be amazed by the programme’s impact among female university students. The last two editions of Ambassadors For A Day have had varied profiles, all with a strong leadership vocation. From the first years of their professional careers, it is remarkable the interest they share in participating and contributing through active roles in different areas of society. That’s exactly the aim of our initiative: to promote inclusion and greater participation of women in order to continue reducing the gender gap.

More than 200 women took part in the competition, aimed at university students or recent graduates. As part of the selection process, candidates were required to send a video telling: “an anecdote or experience you have had that demonstrates your leadership potential”, answer an online questionnaire and, in the final round, have an interview with Embassy officers. The winners will be contacted in the next few weeks to agree on a date for their participation in Embassy activities.

Published 12 June 2024

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