MIL-OSI China: ​Rising star Zhuang Dafei, staying true to herself

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Source: China State Council Information Office 3

Emerging actor Zhuang Dafei said she is embracing new opportunities while staying grounded and working hard, speaking to during a promotional event for her new film “Be My Friend.”

A photo of actor Zhuang Dafei. [Photo provided to]

Zhuang has gained recognition for her roles in popular workplace dramas and romantic films and TV series, including the critically acclaimed “Rock it, Mom,” “Closer to You,” and last year’s box office hit “Johnny Keep Walking!”, which grossed 1.29 billion yuan ($177 million) in China.

“I’m relatively satisfied with my current status quo,” Zhuang said. “I’ve been trying my best to keep myself in harmony and find a balanced state. I try not to overthink what role I should take or what achievements I should pursue. I believe in going with the flow and staying grounded. If a role comes to me, I’ll work hard to figure out how to do it well and then work hard to do it.”

Her new film, “Be My Friend,” revolves around a young woman named Li Jinbu who time-travels back to her mother’s youth, integrates into her mother’s friend circle, and tries to prevent her future father, a bad influence, from winning her mother’s heart while also finding a new boyfriend for her mother. 

Zhuang drew inspiration from her own life to bring authenticity to her character, with whom she shares a strong affinity.

She also recalled the enjoyable atmosphere on set, where the cast and crew shared laughter and camaraderie. “We were always in a very noisy and incredibly excited atmosphere, and I feel that we always treated each other like friends and family, working together to get this done.”

Zhuang also shared a special bond with co-star Chen Haoyu, who plays her young mother and friend in the film. The two had previously collaborated and remained close, with Chen expressing her desire to join the project when she learned Zhuang would be starring. ‘We have a great relationship and click well together,’ Zhuang said.”

A poster for “Be My Friend.” [Image courtesy of Wanda Pictures]

“Be My Friend” has performed well at the box office, grossing over 100 million yuan during the three-day Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

Born in 2001, Zhuang embarked on her acting career at a young age, securing a child role in a short film by Zhang Yang in 2012 and subsequently landing various supporting roles in other TV and film productions. Additionally, she showcased her talent as a singer and songwriter.

“I found acting very interesting when I was young, something I had never experienced before. Sometimes, when I turned on the TV and watched characters in a series, I would dream of a day when I could be in such a series that my family could watch,” she recalled.

Zhuang’s family initially did not support her decision to pursue acting, but they have since come to accept and appreciate her passion for the craft. “At first, my family didn’t support me in doing this, but now they know I am doing what I like, and I’m happy with it, so they think this is the best result for me,” she said.

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