MIL-OSI NGOs: Latest massacres in Gaza’s Middle Area illustrate complete disregard for Palestinian lives News Jun 11, 2024

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Source: Doctors Without Borders –

These attacks are the latest in a broad litany of atrocities and illustrate the type of war that Israel is fighting. Israel and its allies have repeatedly shown that there is no watershed moment or red line in this violence. The attacks now known as the flour massacre and the tent massacre—as well as the killing of aid workers and their families and the annihilation of hospitals and the health system more generally—have led to no more than weak diplomatic posturing, empty words, and staggering inaction.

On June 10, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) vote brought by the United States, requiring a ceasefire and the unfettered supply of humanitarian aid, was adopted. This ceasefire and the accompanying supply of aid must be facilitated immediately and, in contrast with previous and similar resolutions, be implemented with immediate effect. Failure to do so will cost more lives and be yet another stain on the collective conscience.

Contrary to the repeated public communications of the Israeli authorities, humanitarian aid has been denied or severely impeded since October. The lack of essential medical supplies and equipment and bureaucratic delays in granting security and supply approval to establish field hospitals have made it nearly impossible for health workers to provide even basic health care. Field hospitals are only necessary because the health care system in Gaza has been systematically dismantled and they can in no way replace a robust and functional health care system. 

More than 37,000 Palestinians have been killed in Gaza and more than 84,000 wounded, according to the Ministry of Health. The UNSC resolution of June 10 must be implemented without delay as safe zones are nonexistent in Gaza, International Humanitarian Law principles are not being upheld, and humanitarian aid is systematically being impeded. There must be an immediate and sustained ceasefire, and unfettered humanitarian aid must be allowed to enter Gaza at scale.