MIL-OSI China: Historical temple hosts painter’s solo show

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Source: China State Council Information Office 3

The Yunju (or Cloud Dwelling) Temple is situated inside a limestone cave, south of the Shangfang Mountains. It came into being up around an ancient shrine. Two bone fragments found at the site were said to belong to Siddhartha Gautama, Buddhism’s founder. More than 77,000 engraved wooden blocks containing the Chinese Tripitaka (Buddhist scriptures) draw large crowds to the site. [ by Dong Nianlong]

Nestled amid the mountains of Beijing’s Fangshan district, the storied Yunju Temple stands as a testament to history, boasting several pagodas dating back to the eighth century and intricate Buddhist sutras etched onto stone, chronicling the evolution of Buddhism and calligraphy over the centuries.

A captivating synergy emerges between this esteemed architectural marvel and the artistic creations of Zheng Qinyan, a distinguished professor from the Central Academy of Fine Arts. Now, the temple serves as the backdrop for Zheng’s solo exhibition, featuring a captivating array of paintings, calligraphy pieces, and works on silk and porcelain, on display until July 20.

Titled When the Cloud Rises, the exhibition showcases Zheng’s mastery in landscape painting and depictions of flora and fauna, offering viewers a glimpse into the harmonious coexistence of life within nature while evoking a tranquil ambiance conducive to contemplation and meditation.

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