MIL-OSI: Ascom signs a five-year contract with Children’s Health Ireland to support the digitalization of their hospitals

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Source: GlobeNewswire (MIL-OSI)

Ascom signed a five-year contract with Children’s Health Ireland (CHI). The partnership will see the implementation of Ascom’s cutting-edge Alerts and Notification Management System (ANMS) in the new Children’s Hospital project. The implementation represents a pivotal step in CHI’s comprehensive digital transformation initiative towards a fully digital, paperless hospital environment.

Ascom’s ANMS will serve as the critical component in CHI’s transformative vision that connects clinical and non-clinical staff with various alarm sources within the hospital. Built on the Ascom Healthcare Platform, the state-of-the-art solution empowers healthcare professionals to make informed decisions through efficient delivery, acknowledgment, and escalation of prioritized alerts. The ANMS includes key features such as critical responder management capabilities, which is vital in emergencies like cardiac arrest. Furthermore, the solution integrates seamlessly with the widely used Epic Rover application, ensuring a cohesive and easy-to-maintain infrastructure.

Children’s Health Ireland (CHI) is driving the transformation of acute pediatric healthcare with its triple goal of integrated services, education, as well as research and innovation.

Ascom and CHI are committed to a collaborative approach throughout the partnership, enabling CHI to develop a communication strategy that improves patient safety, enhances the overall patient experience, and streamlines staff efficiencies. This strategic focus will not only be beneficial during the initial stages of the new hospital’s operations but will extend well beyond the grand opening.

The partnership with CHI reinforces Ascom’s position as a leader in healthcare communication solutions, while the implementation of the ANMS at CHI simultaneously represents a big leap forward in digital healthcare. Ascom is proud to contribute to CHI’s vision for a modern, efficient, and patient-centric healthcare environment and to deliver the right care in the right place at the right time by the right staff.
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