MIL-OSI Translation: Palestinian women-led organizations are vital to aid delivery and need urgent funding

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Source: United Nations – in Spanish 4

Headline: Palestinian women-led organizations vital to aid delivery and need urgent funding

Women-led organizations operate in some of the most dangerous and difficult areas of Gaza and the West Bank, and their broad community reach puts them in the best position to facilitate humanitarian response. However, they face great financial difficulties, UN Women warned this Monday, calling for urgent investments.

The agency’s latest Gender Alert reveals the continued deterioration of women’s basic survival conditions: more than 80% of those interviewed in April in Gaza declared that they depended on food aid, and 83.5% indicated that aid that they received was insufficient to satisfy their basic family needs.

In the midst of this situation, women-led organizations are at the forefront of the humanitarian response, the agency noted.

The Gender Alert includes the conclusions of an evaluation carried out on 25 of these organizations, which maintain a network of 1,575 members. About 60% of them report being able to function at full capacity and 88% are dedicated to emergency relief, providing essential services such as the distribution of non-food items, food, cash aid and protection-related services, including support psychosocial and case management.

Economic difficulties and destruction of offices

Although they continue to adapt their operations to each situation, financial difficulties are acute: 56% of these organizations reported “a decrease in funding” and 88% are facing “major financial difficulties,” hampering their ability to provide services. critics.

Additionally, 89% of organizations suffered damage to their offices, and 35% of them were completely destroyed, according to the document. These offices serve as operational centers and are vital for assistance delivery and coordination, the agency added.

“The work of women-led organizations in Gaza and the West Bank is as much about the survival of women and girls as it is about maintaining hope, dignity and the possibility of a better future for the people they serve. ”declared the executive director of UN Women.

“Investing in their resilience is not only important, but is the key to an inclusive response that leaves no one behind,” added Sima Bahous.

Fund women-led organizations

Recognizing their critical role in the crisis and recovery, UN Women called for actively funding women-led organizations and advocating for greater humanitarian access that allows these organizations to scale up their responses.

She also called for including women-led organizations in all humanitarian coordination structures to ensure a truly effective and inclusive response.

In the last eight months of war the agency has published a series of gender alerts documenting how the lives of women and girls have deteriorated in all sectors, from food security to shelter, health and safety.

Security Council votes on US ceasefire plan

For its part, the Security Council votes this Monday on a resolution prepared by the United States that seeks a ceasefire in Gaza, following the plan announced by President Joe Biden.

The text says that Israel accepted the proposal and calls on Hamas to do so as well and urges both sides to fully implement its terms without delay and without conditions.

The resolution includes a “rejection of any attempt at territorial or demographic modification in Gaza, including any action to reduce the territory.”

In its last paragraph, it reiterates “the importance of unifying Gaza and the West Bank under the Palestinian Authority.

For a resolution to pass in the Security Council, it must have the vote of at least nine of its 15 members, and none of the permanent members must veto it.

Nuseirat hospitals collapsed after the Israeli rescue operation

Meanwhile, in Gaza, at least 40 Palestinians have been killed in the last 24 hours by Israeli attacks and 218 have been injured, according to the Ministry of Health.

The World Food Program has paused the distribution of aid from the floating dock installed by the United States over security concerns, following the Israeli operation to rescue four hostages that killed 270 Palestinians and injured about 600 people.

Two Program warehouses were bombed on Sunday causing injuries to a staff member, the Program director said in an interview with the press.

The wounded from the Israeli rescue operation in Nuseirat have overwhelmed hospitals. “Bombs were falling everywhere. People ran in panic and horrible things happened in the streets. We are human beings. We have heart. We want peace in the whole area,” says Mounira, an English teacher living in Nuseirat.

The Palestinian Refugee Agency (UNRWA) tweeted that more than half of Gaza’s buildings have been destroyed, according to data from the United Nations Satellite Center (UNOSAT). “The destruction in Gaza is indescribable (…) Clearing the rubble will take years. Healing from the psychological trauma of this war will take even longer. “This suffering must come to an end,” the agency said.

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