MIL-OSI Economics: Samsung Research Institute Delhi Welcomes 53 Engineers for Transformative Summer Internship

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Source: Samsung

Samsung Research Institute Delhi has ushered in a new wave of innovation by welcoming 53 talented interns from India’s top engineering institutes for a dynamic two-month summer internship under its Shishya program. This initiative is designed to bridge academic excellence with real-world industry experience, allowing students to immerse themselves in groundbreaking projects and gain invaluable insights from industry experts.
The Shishya program offers these interns a unique opportunity to work on large-scale enterprise applications utilizing advanced technologies such as robotics, machine learning, generative artificial intelligence, ambient intelligence, cloud services, and ad services. Through this hands-on experience, the interns will not only enhance their technical skills but also get a firsthand look at what it’s like to be at the forefront of technological innovation.
“I extend a warm welcome to our 53 talented interns from some of the top engineering institutes in India. I believe that their presence will bring fresh perspectives and foster a collaborative environment within our teams. At SRI-Delhi, we firmly believe in investing in our people and empowering them to achieve their dreams. Together, let’s make this summer a celebration of ingenuity, creativity, and boundless possibilities. Welcome to the Samsung family, dear Shishyas!” said Mayank Khandelwal, Senior Director and Head of People Group at SRI-Delhi.
The interns themselves are brimming with enthusiasm and high expectations for their time at SRI-Delhi. Pratiksha Deka from IIT Bombay expressed, “I am eager to contribute to technological innovation and make a positive impact. I believe that Samsung’s global reach and supportive culture will provide me with the resources and guidance necessary to pursue my aspirations. With the advanced mentorship and developmental programs at SRI-Delhi, I look forward to growing professionally and making meaningful contributions.”

Reflecting on his initial experiences, Srijan Singh from IIT Delhi shared, “My first week at SRI-Delhi has been absolutely fantastic. The extensive two-day orientation session helped me settle in and adapt to the new environment, especially since this is my first internship at such a prestigious company. The employees and our buddies have been incredibly supportive and understanding of our questions. I’ve had the opportunity to explore some of the most advanced technologies here, and I’m eagerly anticipating the weeks ahead.”
Ananya Das from IIT Madras commented on her transition into the corporate world, saying, “Personally, I was a bit nervous about the transition into the corporate world, but the orientation sessions during the first two days at SRI-Delhi provided a very solid foundation which helped me greatly. The constant support from the team and mentors has been invaluable in navigating through the tasks and projects. I’m excited to delve deeper into the innovative technologies SRI-Delhi is known for and eager to contribute meaningfully to the company’s goals in the coming weeks.”
As these young innovators embark on their journey with Samsung R&D Institute – Delhi, the Shishya program promises to be a transformative experience. It will equip them with the skills, knowledge, and confidence needed to excel in their future careers and make significant contributions to the field of technology.

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