MIL-OSI USA: House Dems say what?

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Source: US National Republican Congressional Committee

The following text contains opinion that is not, or not necessarily, that of MIL-OSI –

June 5, 2024

The WSJ is out with a bombshell report showing that President Biden isn’t all there, but don’t ask extreme House Democrats about it.

They’ve buried their head in the sand about the President’s mental shortcomings…

  • Mary Peltola (AK-AL): “Biden’s mental acuity is very, very on. He’s one of the smartest, sharpest people I’ve met in D.C.”
  • Hillary Scholten (MI-03): “All right, the oldest President ever elected!  All right, well, people tend not to believe what they’ve never seen.”
  • Vicente Gonzalez (TX-34): “[Biden] He’s healthy, he’s sharp, he’s a full package.”
  • Marie Gluesenkamp Perez (WA-03): “That lack of diversity is what I think is at the heart of a lot of this frustration.” 😂😂😂
  • Susan Wild (PA-07): “He’s very sharp, no memory issues, and his only stumbling is when he trips over words.”
  • Steven Horsford (NV-04): “The president is very well suited to be our commander-in-chief.”
  • Ro Khanna (CA-17): “I think he’s actually really good. I think his staff overprotects him. I think, put him out there in a press conference. Who cares if someone makes a gaffe?”
  • Dan Goldman (NY-10): Biden is actually “sharper than anyone I I’ve spoken to.”
  • Sydney Kamlager-Dove (CA-37): “Everybody knows the president’s age, but when I’ve talked to him, he is incredibly lucid.”

NRCC National Press Secretary Will Reinert said: “The Wall Street Journal report raises doubts that Joe Biden can even still count to four, but extreme House Democrats want four more years.”