MIL-OSI Economics: Samsung Celebrates World Environment Day with Solve for Tomorrow Champions

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Source: Samsung

As we commemorate World Environment Day today, Samsung is proud to highlight the innovative spirit and environmental commitment of the winners of our flagship CSR program, Samsung Solve for Tomorrow.
This initiative encourages young minds to develop solutions for pressing global challenges. In this spirit, we celebrate the exceptional contributions of Team Udaan and NIT Surat, whose groundbreaking ideas are making significant strides in environmental sustainability.
Team Udaan: Revolutionizing Menstrual Health with Eco-Friendly Solutions
Team Udaan from Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2022, comprising Prisha Dubey, Anupriya Nayak, and Vanalika Konwar, has tackled a crucial yet often overlooked issue in menstrual health. Their project focuses on creating eco-friendly, affordable, and washable sanitary pads using shredded sugarcane bagasse, a byproduct of sugar factories. This innovative approach not only offers a sustainable alternative to traditional sanitary products but also addresses the social stigma surrounding menstruation.
Prisha Dubey, Anupriya Nayak, and Vanalika Konwar from team Udaan
The team’s pads are designed to be extremely affordable, making them accessible to underprivileged and rural women. By utilizing sugarcane bagasse, a material that would otherwise go to waste, Team Udaan’s solution reduces environmental impact and promotes resource efficiency. Their dedication to both social and environmental causes exemplifies the core values of Samsung Solve for Tomorrow.
NIT Surat: Keeping Beaches Clean with Automated Innovation
From Surat, Gujarat, the team of Aditi Tapariya, Harshil Mistry, and Vaibhav Gupta from NIT Surat developed an automated beach-cleaning robot named Sweep during Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2023. This innovative solution addresses the critical issue of waste accumulation on beaches and its detrimental effects on marine ecosystems.
Vaibhav Gupta, Aditi Tapariya, Harshil Mistry from NIT Surat
Sweep is a programmable robot equipped with advanced sensors capable of detecting, identifying, and segregating different types of waste materials based on their recyclability. Designed to navigate difficult terrains, the robot can autonomously clean specified areas at regular intervals. This groundbreaking technology not only enhances the efficiency of beach cleaning but also minimizes human intervention, thereby reducing the risk of harm to marine life.
Driving Change Through Innovation
Both Team Udaan and NIT Surat embody the essence of World Environment Day with their groundbreaking projects. Their dedication to creating practical, scalable solutions for environmental challenges highlights the transformative power of young innovators.
In Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 2024, 18-22 year-olds in Youth Track – can submit their ideas in the “Environment & Sustainability” theme with a focus on environment protection, reducing carbon footprints and promoting sustainability
Samsung’s Solve for Tomorrow continues to nurture such talent, fostering a culture of innovation and social responsibility. As we celebrate World Environment Day, we are inspired by the ingenuity and commitment of these young changemakers. Their efforts remind us that with creativity and determination, we can make significant strides towards a more sustainable and equitable world.
For more details on Samsung Solve for Tomorrow and to learn about other inspiring projects, click here.
Let’s continue to support and celebrate the innovative solutions that drive positive environmental change. Happy World Environment Day!

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