MIL-OSI USA: Senator Marshall Addresses Biden’s Border Executive Actions

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US Senate News:

Source: United States Senator for Kansas Roger Marshall

Washington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Roger Marshall, M.D. joined his GOP colleagues to address Joe Biden’s looming border announcement. Today’s announcement comes five months out from the 2024 presidential elections and as a result of Joe Biden creating the worst border crisis in CBP history.

You may click HERE or on the image above to watch Senator Marshall’s full remarks.
Highlights from Senator Marshall’s remarks include:
“Mr. President, Joe Biden, this is too little, too late. And the American public knows it’s too late. This stunt is not going to save your political life. Thanks to you, 11 million people have crossed this border illegally. This is now the number one defining issue of this presidential election. I do want to say thanks to Senator Cornyn, for leading this – no one has been impacted more by this than the state of Texas.”
“Why is this important to Kansans? There’s three arteries that come out of the state of Texas and go right through my home in Kansas, and then it bifurcates and goes east and west. And consequently, we’re seeing record numbers of fentanyl deaths, record amounts of human trafficking, and everything else that goes along with this.”
“Today I address everybody here with a concerned heart and a deep sense of urgency. You know, concerned for the fact that families don’t feel safe anymore in the state of Kansas. For over three years, this administration has treated our national security and sovereignty as mere afterthoughts. Our borders have been left vulnerable and the safety of our citizens compromised. And here we stand just five months before this critical election, with Joe Biden and the Democrats grasping for a political lifeline. Their recent announcement is nothing more than a desperate ploy to distract from their failures. But let me be once again, unequivocal – this is too little, too late.”
“I suppose we’re up to 250,000 Americans, young adults that have died from fentanyl poisoning under Joe Biden’s watch. That’s three times more than the number of soldiers we lost in Vietnam.”
“This President’s reactions, his steps are a cruel slap in the face to families like Laken Riley’s, and to all families that are mourning loved ones lost to crime or fentanyl poisoning. But make no mistake, the only one celebrating Joe Biden, so called solutions are the cartels. These criminal organizations have taken control of our border operations, turning them into a sophisticated enterprise of human trafficking and drug smuggling.”
“This is not about securing borders. This is about Joe Biden enabling organized crime. Despite their claims, the policy represents nothing more than a superficial gesture, allowing 2,500 illegal aliens to cross the borders between the ports of entry – that’s just 2,500 between the ports of entry. That’s not counting the number of people that are coming in through the ports of entry. It’s not counting the number of ‘gotaways’ known or unknown ‘gotaways’. This translates to over a million illegal entries per year under Joe Biden’s watch. This isn’t just negligence, it is complicity.”
“By ignoring the crisis he’s empowering the very criminals who seek to destabilize our nation.”
“Joe Biden’s decisions are basically rubber stamping the presence of cartel and criminal enterprises at our borders and really throughout the entire nation now. This is not a policy, this is a betrayal of the American people by the White House. It’s high time we demand accountability and real solutions to see your borders and protect our nation.”