MIL-OSI Russia: Environmental services and conscious consumption: how the capital cares about the environment

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For Moscow, as a modern smart metropolis, it is important that the ecological situation in it is favorable and the negative impact on the environment is reduced. This is facilitated by the implementation of projects for a responsible approach to living in a big city. On Ecologist Day, specialists from the capital Department of Information Technologies talked about programs and digital opportunities that make the capital greener and allow everyone to take care of the environment.

Moscow digital services as a contribution to environmental conservation

The transfer of capital services and services into electronic form has made the lives of citizens more comfortable and mobile. Most everyday issues can be resolved online. At the same time, there is no need to take into account the work schedule of departments: you can request and send information, and receive the necessary service from any device and at a convenient time. Digitalization has also allowed the capital to significantly reduce paper consumption. Important documents and certificates are now transmitted online, and interaction between various departments has also been transferred to electronic format.

“Water and electricity meters allow you to use resources economically, artificial intelligence is used to sort waste for recycling, and an online service on the portal helps develop a responsible approach to the disposal of old and broken things, thanks to which unnecessary furniture and household appliances do not end up in to landfills, but get a second life, becoming new useful objects,” said the press service of the capital’s Department of Information Technology.

Using the service “Removal of unnecessary things” On the portal, Moscow residents send used refrigerators, broken sofas, cast-iron bathtubs, out-of-tune pianos, as well as faulty cars and much more for recycling and environmentally friendly disposal. Thanks to it, citizens do not need to think about how to remove heavy furniture or large equipment on their own, or look for collection points – just leave a request and indicate a convenient date and time for removal. All concerns regarding lowering, loading and delivery to processing plants are taken care of by specialists from a trusted partner company.

Recycled metals, plastics, glass and rubber are used in the production of automobiles, spare parts, plumbing fixtures, furniture, and in the metal rolling industry. Wood and fabrics are turned into upholstery and packaging materials. Over the 2.5 years of operation of the service, citizens used it to send more than two thousand tons of recyclable materials for processing and disposal.

And with the help charity service On the portal, citizens can support environmental projects and initiatives in a couple of minutes. The work of proven and reliable organizations represented in this category is aimed at preserving the life and health of wild animals, including those living in the natural areas of the capital, as well as recycling and reusing clothing items, and overall reducing the volume of waste.

City-wide environmental projects

The demand for environmental urban services and the activity of Muscovites are helping the capital develop a culture of conscious consumption and care for the environment, raising generations for whom caring for nature and resources is a significant part of life.

Thus, one of the important factors for comfortable living in a metropolis is maintaining a consistently positive level of environmental conditions. In Moscow, the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection regularly monitors air quality, and all data obtained is published in the public domain on the website Mosekomonitoring. There, any city dweller and the industry community of environmentalists can familiarize themselves with them. Information comes from 56 automatic air pollution monitoring stations, which continuously analyze the air condition for the presence of more than 20 types of pollutants.

Since 2020, the capital has been implementing a program for separate waste collection – two types of containers have been installed in courtyards. In the blue ones with the inscription “Recyclables”, citizens throw out waste that can be sent for recycling (plastic, metal, glass and waste paper). The gray containers labeled “Mixed Waste” are for food and soiled waste. In addition, additional bell containers have been installed in public spaces, near parks and metro stations: yellow ones for plastic, and green ones for glass items, including broken ones.

After removal, waste in the city is sent to sorting complexes. There, useful recyclable materials are selected, which are then sent for processing. This allows us to reduce the overall volume of waste in landfills and return valuable resources to production. The level of automation for the selection and separation of recyclable materials in such complexes reaches 80 percent and continues to grow. For example, in March of this year, an optical separator robot with artificial intelligence was introduced at one of them. It can recognize and select aluminum cans. This made it possible to increase the amount of metal containers sent for recycling by 20 percent.

In addition, the city provides safe and environmentally friendly disposal options for hazardous waste that cannot be disposed of in regular containers. These are, for example, thermometers, batteries, light bulbs and other things. Fluorescent lamps containing mercury can be returned indoors joint dispatch services at management companies, and used batteries – in stores, office centers or left in street boxes. More information about environmentally friendly disposal of hazardous waste is in one of the instructions on the portal

The contribution of each resident to the ecology of the city

Supporting the environment and conscious consumption are increasingly becoming part of the daily lives of city residents. The Moscow Department of Information Technologies gave several tips that will help to rationally and carefully use natural resources and contribute to the maintenance and development of a comfortable environmental situation in Moscow.

Thus, water and electricity metering devices allow you to use resources economically. After transfer water meter readings Citizens can view individual statistics on monthly water consumption, as well as receive tips on how to reduce consumption, preserve a valuable natural resource and save on utility bills. Over 12 years, water use per person in the capital has decreased by 90 liters per day.

To assess the correct operation of devices and the accuracy of recording water consumption levels, it is necessary to regularly check meters. Thanks to the service on the portal You can order this service from a reliable company by choosing a convenient date and time.

The use of energy-saving or diode lamps also has a positive effect on the environment and allows citizens to save money. The service life of such light sources is longer, while the efficiency and level of illumination is higher than that of conventional incandescent lamps.

Another way to save energy is to use household appliances with reduced energy consumption (energy efficiency class A and higher). You also need to unplug unnecessary devices at night – a computer in sleep mode and a phone on charge continue to consume resources.

In apartments where multi-tariff electricity meters are installed, reduced tariffs are provided at certain hours. This also helps reduce energy consumption and save on utility bills. You can learn how to save resources and pay less for housing and communal services from the instructions on the portal

The use of digital technologies to improve the quality of life of citizens corresponds to the objectives of the national program “Digital Economy of the Russian Federation” and the regional project of the city of Moscow “Digital Public Administration”. You can find out more about this and other national projects being implemented in the capital on a special page.

Note; This information is raw content directly from the source of the information. This is exactly what the source states and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

Please note; This information is raw content directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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