MIL-OSI United Kingdom: Voters can bring an end to Tory war on minority communities

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Source: Scottish Greens

The Tories are stoking prejudice because they have nothing else.

The Tory war on minority communities, including trans people, migrants and refugees, can be brought to an end by voters on July 4, say the Scottish Greens.

The call comes as Rishi Sunak’s government has doubled down on his attack on the trans community, unveiled a raft of new anti-migrant policies and threatened to rewrite the Equality Act to make it easier to discriminate against people.

He wants to introduce authoritarian new caps on migrant visas and rip up the rights of trans people, having already blocked gender recognition reform by using a legal tool to deny the will of Holyrood. That block could be lifted in the event of a non Tory government coming into power.

Scottish Greens equalities spokesperson Maggie Chapman MSP said: “The Tories are running a campaign based on spreading bile, sewing division and peddling prejudice because they have nothing else. 

“Perhaps it is no surprise. This is one of the most bigoted, reactionary and out of touch governments to have ever held office in the UK. But the last few days have been low, even for them. They are becoming increasingly desperate and reverting back to the nasty party that we all know them to be.

“Today it is our migrant communities who are bearing the brunt of Tory scaremongering, tomorrow it will be another marginalised group. Is this really the kind of politics that we want? We are talking about real people’s lives, not political data.

“Only Rishi Sunak and his Tory Party would announce a new attack on trans people at the start of Pride month. Having already ignored the will of the Scottish Parliament by blocking gender recognition reform, it seems he wants to go a step further and declare open season on trans people.

“Now that Nigel Farage has entered the fray, the Tories’ rhetoric and actions will likely get even worse.

“But this is also a chance to reject the politics of hate. On July 4 we can vote for a more equal and inclusive society and to bring this Tory war against minorities to an end once and for all. 

“We can end their disgraceful attacks on minority communities, stop their shameful assault on refugee rights, and stand with activists being attacked for protesting against the climate crisis, ensure better workers rights and to bring an end to the cost of living crisis.

“We will not stand by and allow trans people, refugees and other minorities to become the political victims of a flailing Tory government that knows it is on the way out. We must stand against them on July 4, and vote like all our futures depend on it, because they do.”

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