MIL-OSI Security: Moncton — Ten years later, we remember three men for their commitment and dedication to a job they loved

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Source: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Ten years is a long time to miss someone, especially someone you love.

The events of June 4, 2014 left families without their loved ones and province lost three excellent, dedicated and highly skilled police officers. The actions on this day had a far-reaching effect on many police officers, civilian employees and members of the public, and the sacrifices of members like Constable Éric Dubois and Constable Darlene Goguen will always be remembered.

On June 4th, the families and friends of Constable Doug Larche, Constable Dave Ross, and Constable Fabrice Gevaudan wish for them to be remembered not just for their sacrifice, but also for who they were as people who cared strongly for their community and the importance of their roles.

The profound effects of this day will extend a lifetime to those who were close to the events and the unwavering support from the community remains remarkable. The people of Moncton have demonstrated that they will not forget the bravery of these three men by honouring the love they had for their community and continuing to move forward from this day. The support the families have received over the years will contribute to a successful future for the children and has been so appreciated.

The challenges of policing have not gotten easier over the years, however, the families of those affected by this tragedy have asked the public to remember that the every day dangers of this job are equal to the extreme merits of protecting a community you love and care for.

The courage of all those who risked their lives to protect others is remembered tomorrow and everyday. To the police officers, public service employees, municipal employees and neighbouring police forces who stepped up to provide support and coverage in the days and weeks after the event, thank you.

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