MIL-OSI Russia: Projects of students of the NSU Humanitarian Institute won an international competition

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Source: Novosibirsk State University – Novosibirsk State University –

The results of the VI International Student Festival of Debut Films and Journalism Practices “Good Stuff” in Tomsk have become known. Students and undergraduates of universities and secondary vocational education students were invited to participate in the competition. Novosibirsk State University was represented at the competition by students Humanitarian Institute directions “Journalism”: project “Are you okay?” took 1st place (project leader – Liliya Anatolyevna Styazhkina), “Palliative care is life” – 3rd place (project leader – Klavdiya Sergeevna Bereznyakova), “White Cane” – 2nd place (project leader – Liliya Anatolyevna Styazhkina), “COOL scientist “and the cat Kolbochka: why does the SB RAS need schoolchildren and memes?” – 2nd place (project leaders – Yulia Sergeevna Pozdnyakova and Victoria Evgenievna Belenko), “What are they playing? Is movement theater relevant? – 1st place (project manager – Elena Valerievna Klimova).

Composition of creative teams:

“Are you okay?” (Alexandra Lomenkova, Maria Meledina, Irina Baranova, Ekaterina Filimonova); “Palliative care is life” (Yana Bezzubtseva, Anna Strashko, Ivan Derevyanchenko, Elizaveta Ustyantseva, Sofya Podchernina, Olga Osinnaya); “White Cane” (Maria Isaeva, Valeria Kochetkova); “Cool scientist” and the cat Kolbochka: why does the SB RAS need schoolchildren and memes?” (Violetta Trukhina, Elizaveta Koinova, Polina Chervonina); “What are they playing? Is movement theater relevant? (Victoria Korneeva, Polina Davydenko).

— We chose a difficult social topic. “Palliative care is life” is the title of our special report. It was important for us to convey to the viewer the idea that even with incurable diseases people can continue to live. And their lives can be maintained through medical interventions and psychological support. The story features two speakers who present different methods of palliative care: Yuri Vladimirovich, a representative of a state hospital, and Yulia, the director of a private hospice, where they provide comprehensive support to citizens facing this problem.

Our team initially decided that it would take part in various competitions. The first place we sent an application to was “Good Stuff”. Last Saturday we summed up the results, I watched the live broadcast and kept the guys updated on the events. In various categories I heard familiar names of girls from senior years and was very happy for their victories, wrote to them that they were great. But the most unexpected thing was to hear our names with a prize. This was a great joy for us: this is our first joint victory, which was so highly appreciated by the jury members,” said Anna Strashko.

— Our issue is part of the “Are you okay?” project, which any NSU student can participate in. The heroine of the story about stalking was Dasha. Her ex-husband wrote her obsessive messages, stalked her and threatened her with suicide. In the issue, a psychologist from the psychological support department of NSU answered the question: “What to do if you become a victim of stalking?” This video, like the entire project, is about sharing your problems and seeking professional help – there is no shame. And about how important it is sometimes to ask each other such a simple question: “Are you okay?” It’s very pleasant that the jury noted the significance of our project and we took 1st place,” said Alexandra Lomenkova.

— Lera and I have a film on an important social topic. We showed how people who have lost their sight live and are rehabilitated. The task was to “observe” the lives of the heroes, interfering as little as possible in the course of events. Sometimes it was difficult because I wanted to help and suggest. During filming, we learned many nuances about the lives of blind people and tried to reflect them in our film. We are glad that the Good Stuff jury appreciated the work. A lot of effort was put into it. We had to learn a lot, sometimes right during filming. This victory proves that we are moving in the right direction and gives us strength to move on. “Thank you to our leaders, the organizers of the competition and all participants for the opportunity to be involved in such a creative community of young media specialists,” noted Maria Isaeva.

— One of the episodes of our podcast “What are they playing?” we dedicated to plastic theater or movement theater. We talked with our guest, choreographer Andrei Korolenko, about what movement theater is and discussed the relevance of this theatrical form for Novosibirsk. Honestly, I didn’t expect that we would take first place, since the local agenda was discussed in the podcast. But I am very glad that colleagues from Tomsk appreciated our project so highly. This greatly motivates me to continue it, but in the meantime you can watch our winning episode, – said Victoria Korneeva.

— We presented the “Cool Scientist” project. This is an initiative of the SB RAS with visiting lectures for NSO schoolchildren. The project also has a YouTube channel with recorded lectures. Our task was to popularize the project and attract a young audience to it: to do this, we converted some of the lectures into longreads on Tilda and started a group on VK. The festival was primarily remembered for its friendly atmosphere. The judges received our presentation about the project very warmly, and we are grateful for our victory. There were a lot of interesting guys with cool projects. Some were especially fascinating to listen to from the perspective of four years of learning experience. We also used participation in the festival as an occasion to launch a drawing dedicated to the anniversary number of subscribers. That’s why at the end of the performance we posted a post with our wallflower, the giveaway is still going on, by the way, join us,” noted Polina Chervonina.

Note; This information is raw content directly from the source of the information. This is exactly what the source states and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

Please note; This information is raw content directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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