MIL-OSI Security: FBI Brings Awareness to Safety Resources During Pride Month

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Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) State Crime News

In support of Pride Month, the FBI Detroit Field Office is providing the following guidance to help ensure the safety of all individuals participating in Pride Month celebrations.

“While there are no current threats of violence related to Pride Month events reported in the state of Michigan, the FBI wants to assure the public we take all hate-based crimes seriously,” said Cheyvoryea Gibson, special agent in charge of the FBI in Michigan. “The FBI will always work in conjunction with our law enforcement partners in an effort to keep everyone safe.”

The FBI’s mission is to protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States; this responsibility includes safeguarding against hate crimes and violence. We are asking for your help in reporting any suspicious activities or threats to law enforcement and/or the FBI.

In a May 10, 2024 IC3 report, the FBI and DHS issued a public service announcement providing awareness related to foreign terrorist organizations (FTOs) or their supporters potentially targeting LGBTQIA+ events during Pride Month. At this time, the FBI is not aware of any threats to the LGBTQIA+ community or events in Michigan. The following are possible threat indicators that should be reported to the FBI or law enforcement:

  • Violent threats made online, in person, or via mail.
  • Unusual or prolonged testing or probing of security measures at events or venues.
  • Photography of security related equipment, personnel, or access points consistent with pre-operational surveillance without a reasonable alternative explanation.
  • Unusual surveillance or interest in buildings, gatherings, or events.
  • Attempts to gain access to restricted areas, bypass security, or impersonate law enforcement officials.
  • Observation of or questions about facility security measures, including barriers, restricted areas, cameras, and intrusion detection systems without a reasonable alternative explanation.
  • Eliciting information from facility personnel regarding the nature of upcoming events, crowd sizes, busiest times of day, etc. without a reasonable alternative explanation.
  • Attempts to enter a restricted area, bypass security, or impersonate law enforcement officials.

The FBI is making the following requests of the public to help keep our communities safe:

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