MIL-OSI USA: Legislation considered under suspension of the Rules of the House of Representatives during the week of March 18, 2024

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Source: US Congressional Budget Office

The Majority Leader of the House of Representatives announces bills that will be considered under suspension of the rules in that chamber. Under suspension, floor debate is limited, all floor amendments are prohibited, points of order against the bill are waived, and final passage requires a two-thirds majority vote.

At the request of the Majority Leader and the House Committee on the Budget, CBO estimates the effects of those bills on direct spending and revenues. CBO has limited time to review the legislation before consideration. Although it is possible in most cases to determine whether the legislation would affect direct spending or revenues, time may be insufficient to estimate the magnitude of those effects. If CBO has prepared estimates for similar or identical legislation, a more detailed assessment of budgetary effects, including effects on spending subject to appropriation, may be included.

CBO’s estimates of the bills that have been posted for possible consideration under suspension of the rules during the week of March 18, 2024, include:

  • H.R. 766, Dr. Michael C. Burgess Preventive Health Savings Act, as amended
  • H.R. 1103, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (HKETO) Certification Act, as amended
  • H.R. 1836, Ocean Shipping Reform Implementation Act of 2023, as amended 
  • H.R. 4723, Upholding the Dayton Peace Agreement Through Sanctions Act, as amended 
  • H.R. 6260, FOCUS Act, as amended 
  • H.R. 6261, Impact of Crime on Public Building Usage 
  • H.R. 6306, Embassy Construction Integrity Act of 2023, as amended 
  • H.R. 6602, To amend the Export Control Reform Act of 2018 relating to the review of the interagency dispute resolution process, as amended
  • H.R. 6610, Passport System Reform and Backlog Prevention Act, as amended 
  • H.R. 7520, Protecting Americans’ Data from Foreign Adversaries Act of 2024
  • H. Res. 149, Condemning the illegal abduction of children from Ukraine to the Russian Federation, as amended