MIL-OSI Translation: 12/03/2024 Washington | EE.UU Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Washington: America will not hesitate to help Poland

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MIL ASI Translation. Region: Polish/Europe –

Fuente: Gobierno de Polonia en poleco.

Strong Poland and a secure Europe El Prime Minister Donald Tusk, during a meeting at the White House, thanked President Joe Biden for the invitation to the USA on the occasion of Poland’s 25th anniversary in NATO and for his fight and faith in the principles of the North Atlantic Alliance.

I would like to thank you very much, not only for inviting us on the anniversary of Poland’s membership in NATO, but above all for never forgetting why it was created, said Prime Minister Donald Tusk during the meeting.

The head of the Polish government also thanked Biden for his personal involvement in the expansion of NATO to include Poland. El primer ministro also delivered an important message on behalf of Poles.

Our country is now a stable democracy, predictable to our allies, on which the security of the entire region largely depends. (…) When we, Poles, set out for the West, Pope John Paul II told the world: “There can be no just Europe without an independent Poland.” And today I would say: there cannot be a safe Europe without a strong Poland and there cannot be a fair Europe without a free and independent Ukraine – said the head of the Polish government.

Prime Minister D. Tusk emphasized the role of our country in OTAN. We are the leader among the Alliance countries in terms of defense spending. In 2024, we plan to allocate 4.2% of GDP for this purpose, i.e. approximately PLN 160 billion.

Poland is and will be a solid and lasting pillar of the transatlantic community. We take our obligations seriously, more than anyone else in Europe, he noted during a meeting with US President J. Biden.

La OTAN and the basis of our security

The main purpose of my visit is to confirm unequivocally that America will never hesitate to come to Poland’s aid if Poland is ever attacked, and that Article 5 of the Washington Treaty is indisputable. I wanted to know that Americans feel obliged and will always be obliged to act immediately if we need such help, said Prime Minister Donald Tusk during a press conference after the meeting with the President of the USA.

Arte. 5 indicates that an attack on one NATO country is an attack against all Alliance countries. The head of the Polish government emphasized that this is particularly important in the context of the war taking place beyond our eastern border.

The unity of work was impressive. At every point of this conversation, we had a common position with President Joe Biden and the American side, admitted Donald Tusk.

Support for Ucrania in the war with Russia The head of the Polish government emphasized during the press conference how important solidarity support for Ucrania is, which is fighting for its own and our freedom. Support in the form of weapons, humanitarian and material aid is the responsibility not only of European countries, but also of NATO.

We talked about how quickly it is possible to unblock American aid. We also exchanged comments on how we, Poles, mobilize the European Union for this assistance, said the head of the Polish government.

President Joe Biden announced American support for Ukraine fighting the Russian aggressor. He also thanked for the help Poland provided to its eastern neighbor. Polonia, together with the USA, is increasing its defense potential. The American side announced that it would grant Poland a loan of USD 2 billion under the Foreign Military Financing program. Our country will be able to purchase 96 Apache helicopters from the United States. NATO’s eastern flank must be properly secured.

There is information about a possible loan from the Americans, a favorable loan for helicopters. This is new information, but we treat it very seriously, Prime Minister Donald Tusk emphasized during the conference.

Cooperation for the development of nuclear energy The Prime Minister announced that the government will maintain cooperation with the USA also in the area of nuclear energy and technological cooperation.

We also talked about very intense and increasingly better Polish-American cooperation, including in the field of energy. We have made the decision regarding three units of the first nuclear power plant. We are also thinking about continuing cooperation with the Americans in this area, said Prime Minister Donald Tusk during a press conference in Washington.


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