MIL-OSI: BFLabs’ Subsidiary Company, CovenantLabs ‘Covenant Child’ New Content Colosseum (PvP) and 5 Charaters Update

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Source: GlobeNewswire (MIL-OSI)

SEOUL, KOREA, March 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — BFLabs subsidiary CovenantLabs’ idle RPG ‘Covenant Child’ announced that it will be updating on the 28th to add new content, Colosseum (PvP) and 5 types of characters.

Through this update, a PvP system, a competition battle between players, is introduced, and abundant rewards according to ranking are also seen as a part that provides enjoyment to players.

Colosseum, a new content in ‘Covenant Child’, has a ranking based on the number of consecutive wins. Unlike PvP in other games, which is based on accumulated points through battles, it has a system in which if a player loses a battle, the number of wins starts again from 0. When the same number of consecutive wins occurs, the player who wins the streak first will be ranked higher.

In addition to Colosseum, a competitive battle content between players, 5 new characters were added through this update Brianna(SS grade), Valencia(S grade), Melanie(A grade), Chelsea(B grade), and Lacey(B grade) are added to the game. They are waiting for players in the game.

CovenantLabs, which provides freshness and diversity to players with a wider variety of characters, is trying to provide service, which is considering both fun and user’s profitability, through NFT characters. Each character will be available for purchase on the Marketplace until the maintenance on March 27th.

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