MIL-OSI: CentralReach Launches Next-Generation Mobile App Purpose-Built for Registered Behavior Technicians

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Source: GlobeNewswire (MIL-OSI)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., March 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — CentralReach, the leading provider of Autism and IDD software, today announced the results of its recently relaunched CR Mobile application, a purpose-built mobile tool for Registered Behavior Technicians (RBTs) to collect data during in-clinic and in-home sessions. Since the end of 2023, the application witnessed a 226% surge in downloads, a notable 25% uptick in learning opportunities with clients, a consistent 2-day increase in the time to bill for customers who have fully adopted the application, and finally, overall time savings during the data collection process.  

“In the autism and IDD care industry, providers try to deliver care to as many individuals and families as they can, while navigating a shortage in both board-certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) who are developing the clinical plans, as well as registered behavior technicians (RBTs) who typically deliver the care the BCBA is recommending,” said CentralReach CEO, Chris Sullens. “Our mission is to develop and deliver tools that empower our users to provide care and run their practices effectively and efficiently.  Given how impactful this tool is for the delivery of quality care plans, we partnered with several key customers to develop the optimal workflow that makes the RBT’s job easier, empowers the best care possible, and ensures that all the required data is collected and completed so providers can improve clean claims. The outcome of this rigorous product development process is the next-generation CR Mobile app and we are absolutely thrilled with the rapid adoption, positive outcomes, and positive customer feedback we’re seeing across the base.” 

The new CR Mobile is free with a subscription to CentralReach practice management and clinical bundle and customer response has been universally positive as evidenced by its 4.3 star rating in the Apple app store.  One customer shared, “I love the session data collection section. It allows me to zone in on a single goal that we’re working on, and [not] accidentally press other ones. I can see all of my goals on one screen without scrolling. This saves a bunch of time and streamlines the collection process!” Another customer saw data collection usage jump 800%+ within their own organization after the redesign was rolled out and even shared, “this new application is great and a testament to how CentralReach listens to customer feedback and delivers products that meet our needs.”  

The application was designed to support the clinical care process regardless of where care is provided with clinic-based RBTs making up a majority of the users, which is important given that over 70% of services today are provided in clinics.  More importantly, the workflow design and control settings enable built-in validation that makes every session clean-claim ready: 

  • Easy-to-use interface guides RBTs through a session intuitively, shortening the learning curve for RBTs to get up and running. 
  • Focused data collection that enables the RBT to increase the number of learning opportunities in a single session by 25%. 
  • Faster session note completion with built in iOS/Android voice-to-text functionality helping RBTs quickly capture notes without typing. 
  • Built-in guardrails that capture all necessary information from EVV checks and appointment time tracking to service code validation and signatures, to successfully bill for sessions at least 2 days faster. 

The company is also preparing to roll out a new invite-only AI-powered session narrative within the CR Mobile application, which will help clinicians instantly craft better session summaries for payors and caregivers for review and submission. Based on the early results applying this technology in other CentralReach applications, this new AI-feature will increase the quality of the narratives while saving clinicians at least 50% of time they spend generating and reviewing them today. The new session notes will be rolled out to select customers as part of a private beta in the coming months. 
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