MIL-OSI Translation: The Government of Canada presents a bill to implement the first phase of a national and universal drug insurance plan

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Source: Government of Canada – in French 1

The bill includes universal access to contraception and diabetes medications.

February 29, 2024 | Ottawa, ON | Health Canada

Today, the Honorable Mark Holland, Minister of Health, introduced Bill CX, An Act respecting prescription drug insurance (Pharmaceutical Insurance Act), which sets out the fundamental principles of the first phase of a plan national and universal Canadian drug insurance plan, and which describes the Government of Canada’s intention to work with provinces and territories (PTs) to provide universal, single-payer coverage for a number of contraceptives and medications against diabetes.

The minister also announced the government’s plan to establish a fund to support Canadians’ access to supplies that people with diabetes need to manage and monitor their disease and administer their medications, such as syringes and blood sugar test strips.

This bill is an important step toward improving health equity, affordability, and outcomes, and will potentially deliver long-term savings to the health care system.

Contraceptive coverage will provide 9 million Canadians of childbearing age with greater access to contraception and reproductive autonomy, reduce the risk of unintended pregnancies, and improve their ability to plan for the future. Cost has consistently been identified as the most significant barrier to accessing these medications and is unequally supported by women and gender-diverse Canadians. Bill CX will ensure that Canadians have access to a comprehensive set of contraceptive methods and medications.

Diabetes is a complex disease that has no cure, but can be treated with safe and effective medications. One in four people with diabetes in Canada say they do not follow their treatment due to costs. Improving access to diabetes medications will improve the health of 3.7 million people in Canada living with diabetes and reduce the risk of serious, life-changing complications, such as blindness or amputation.

Over the past year, the Government of Canada has implemented important measures to improve health care and make it more accessible in Canada. Financial barriers should not be a barrier to accessing safe and effective prescription drugs and related products. We are committed to putting a plan in place so Canadians can get their medications as prescribed, regardless of where they live or their ability to pay.

The bill demonstrates the Government of Canada’s commitment to consult widely to determine the path forward and work with provinces, territories, Indigenous peoples, and other partners and stakeholders to improve accessibility, affordability, and appropriate use of pharmaceutical products, reducing financial barriers and contributing to physical and mental health and well-being.

The CX bill also allows the new Canadian Medicines Agency to work on the development of a national list of insured drugs, the creation of a national bulk purchasing strategy, and to support the publication of a pan-Canadian strategy regarding the appropriate use of prescription drugs.

Together, these elements would form the next important steps towards the creation of a universal drug insurance plan in Canada. The minister would subsequently establish a committee of experts to obtain recommendations on the operations and financing of a single-payer, national and universal drug insurance plan in Canada.

The CX Bill proposes significant change to our health care environment that, along with lessons learned and ongoing initiatives such as the National Drug Strategy for Rare Diseases and the Drug Enhancement Program, affordable access to prescription drugs with Prince Edward Island, are part of the Government of Canada’s plan to ensure Canadians have access to the medications they need and pave the way for implementation. place of a national and universal drug insurance plan in Canada.

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