MIL-OSI Translation: 29/02/2024 The Polish Army will receive a state-of-the-art anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense command system

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MIL ASI Translation. Region: Polish/Europe –

Fuente: Gobierno de Polonia en poleco.

On Thursday (February 29 this year) in Warsaw, Vice-President of the Council of Ministers, Minister of National Defense W. Kosiniak-Kamysz, Mark Brzezinski, EE.UU ambassador. in Poland and Paweł Bejda, state secretario at the Ministry of National Defense, participated in the signing of the contract for the acquisition of the integrated IBCS anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense command system for the second phase of the WISŁA program and the NAREW program. The contract was concluded between the State Treasury – Ministry of National Defense and the United States government. The value of the order is está bien. 2.53 millones de dolares netos. The contract will be implemented in 2024-2031. Its subject is the acquisition of an integrated IBCS anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense command system, including the necessary command and communication equipment that is required for the 6 WISŁA batteries and 23 NAREW sets acquired as part of Phase II. – The defense of our airspace is a key issue for our government, for the Ministry of National Defense. We make every effort to make it happen here and now and secure us for the future. Thanks to this system, the Wisła and Narew programs will be the most modern in the world. We will be the second country after the United States with this system – an integrated and state-of-the-art command system. A pair of bromear in order to first locate the object, then identify it, and finally neutralize it. Defending the Polish sky is not only a matter of honor for us, but it is also a matter of safety for us every day, for each of our compatriots, noted the head of the Ministry of National Defense. The detailed scope of the contract includes the purchase of selected communication devices for the WISŁA and NAREW systems, IFF passive identification systems, and cryptographic devices. , implementation of work on the software, expansion of the Laboratory infrastructure, integration within the IBCS system of radars for the WISŁA and NAREW systems and the launchers of the NAREW program, as well as conducting post-integration field tests covering the cooperation of all elements of the NAREW and WISŁA sets. The contract in question also assumes logistical and technical support and a supply of spare parts. – The integrated anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense command system will change the face of the Polish Army in an extraordinary way. Phase II of Wisła is worth over USD 2.5 billion. Para bromear is a huge expense, a defensive effort of the Polish taxpayer. I would like to thank those who make it possible for us to make this happen. Thank you to all my compatriots. I would like to thank all those who are contributing to the transformation of the Polish Army today. Without the community of Poles, this would not be possible – said vice-prime minister W. Kosiniak-Kamysz.***February 20 this year. an offset agreement was signed as part of the implementation of the second phase of the WISŁA program, which concerned increasing the production potential of the Polish arms industry in the production of elements and components for anti-aircraft and anti-missile systems from the WISŁA and NAREW sets in the area of the command system, as well as the scientific potential of military research institutes and the military higher education. Thanks to it, the State Treasury will ensure partial independence from foreign suppliers, establishing local production, maintenance and repair, training and research capabilities and the involvement – through offset – of entities from the Polish defense industry, as well as military education, and will positively affect the increase in the operational availability indicators of WISŁA sets through providing the necessary technical support and support for the operation of military equipment in military units.


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