MIL-OSI USA: Rep. Strong Statement on Border Bill

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Source: United States House of Representatives – Representative Dale Strong (Alabama)

WASHINGTON— Congressman Dale W. Strong, member of the House Committee on Homeland Security issued the following statement after the Senate released text of a border deal: 

“The deadly invasion of our southern border is a direct result of President Biden’s America-Last border policies. Look no further than the 64 individual actions President Biden has directed to intentionally weaken border and immigration enforcement. 

“After reviewing the 370 pages released by the Senate, I am concerned that the emergency authorities are so riddled with exceptions, loopholes, and waivers that it will not meaningfully improve our border crisis. For example, the bill creates a new “Border Emergency Authority,” but only allows the President to use it for under nine months of the year, and only after at least 4,000 illegal aliens cross in a day. 

“I don’t believe that the Senate proposal even represents incremental progress.  

“President Trump secured our border with the exact same legal system on the books. It is past time for President Biden to use the authorities he already has to protect the American people from this foreign invasion. For starters, this means reinstating ‘Remain in Mexico’ and sending illegal aliens back to their countries of origin.”