MIL-OSI USA: Here’s What They’re Saying: Brown Fights To Expose China’s Efforts To Buy Up American Farmland

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US Senate News:

Source: United States Senator for Ohio Sherrod Brown

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown (D-OH) continues his fight to protect Ohio farmland from countries like China that pose a threat to our national security. Last week, Brown introduced the bipartisan AFIDA Improvements Act of 2024 which the Bryan Times wrote “would give U.S. officials a better idea of how much farmland is currently owned by foreign investors.”
The Dayton Daily News highlighted Brown’s continued leadership on the issue. They wrote “the legislation builds on Brown’s ongoing work to ban foreign adversaries – like China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea – from getting a foothold in the U.S., particularly near U.S. military installations. Last year Brown’s bill to protect Ohio farmland from China passed the Senate with bipartisan support as part of the Senate’s annual defense bill.”
Read what they’re saying about Brown’s new legislation to expose countries like China’s ownership of Ohio farmland: Foreign entities own 500,000 acres of farmland in Ohio. Sherrod Brown seeks crackdown on outside ownership
“After the data collection bill passes, he said the information it produces could be used to crack down or ban farmland sales to foreign entities.”
“‘This will not be the last step once it’s passed,’ said Brown. ‘We gather information, and then we can make a better decision on what we do legislatively. And this is this is a major step in helping us do that.”’
WKBN, Youngstown: Bill would expose Ohio foreign farmland ownership
“Senator Sherrod Brown said a loophole in a U.S. law that hasn’t been updated in years could work to help conceal foreign ownership of farmland in Ohio and across the U.S.”
“Brown said the AFIDA Improvements Act of 2024 would build on his work to ban foreign adversaries like China, Russia, Iran and North Korea from ‘getting a foothold in the U.S,’ particularly near military installations.”
Ohio Country Journal: Bill addresses concerns with foreign ownership of farmland
“‘Foreign adversaries, especially China, have bought up prime farmland across this country for decades, but we don’t have a good handle on how much and where because of lax, outdated disclosure laws. It’s a problem for family farmers and rural communities, and it’s a threat to our national security,’ Brown said. ‘This bill is essential to update the rules and shine a light on foreign entities that own agricultural land across the country.”’
Mansfield Journal: How much American farmland is owned by foreign entities? Sen. Brown says: ‘We don’t know.’
“The senator said foreign ownership of American soil undermines our domestic food supply, disrupts local economies and jeopardizes national security if the land purchased is near any sort of military base.”
‘“I want to make sure that, all over Ohio, people know how important this is,’ Brown said. ‘The farms should stay in the hands of Ohioans, not Chinese billionaires.”’