MIL-OSI USA: Congresswoman Boebert’s CONVEY Act Passes the House!

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Source: United States House of Representatives – Representative Lauren Boebert (Colorado, 3)

Today, the House passed Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s CONVEY Act, which directs the Bureau of Land Management to sell a parcel of land to Mesa County for economic development in Clifton. While Congresswoman Boebert has had a ton of legislative success, this is her first standalone bill to pass the House of Representatives. For a detailed list of some of Congresswoman Boebert’s accomplishments to date, click HERE.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert (CO-03) said, “My CONVEY Act will bring jobs to Mesa County and create long-term economic growth in the region by removing  the bureaucratic red tape that has stalled this conveyance for more than five years. I am thankful for Minority Leader and former Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese’s work on this issue over the years, and without her efforts, this bill likely wouldn’t exist. I look forward to getting this bill signed into law and finally getting this land sale done for the people of Mesa County.”

Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, Congressman Bruce Westerman (AR-4) said, “I commend Representative Boebert for her diligent work bringing together stakeholders in this community to solve an important local problem. Her legislation will provide new economic opportunities in Colorado and help the federal government focus their resources on delivering better customer service. I look forward to working with her to get this legislation signed into law.”

Colorado House Republican Minority Leader and Former Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliesesaid, “Passing the Convey Act is an important step to enhancing rural economic development. It is frustrating that it took a literal Act of Congress to get this land conveyed to a local government partner. In a county like Mesa County, Colorado where 72 percent of the land is federal land, it is important that the federal government work with local governments to provide economic opportunities in these communities. Thank you to Congresswoman Boebert for her leadership in developing economic development in rural areas of our country.”

Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowlandsaid,“This parcel of land is poised to be a catalyst, breathing new life into the local economy of the unincorporated area of Clifton. I appreciate Congresswoman Boebert for championing this important legislation.”


Today, Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s Clifton Opportunities Now for Vibrant Economic Yields (CONVEY) Act passed the House with unanimous bipartisan support. For more than five years, Mesa County has been attempting to acquire a parcel, designated for disposal by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), at fair market value. Despite the BLM no longer wanting the land, the federal government had consistently created barriers to prevent Mesa County from purchasing it.

The CONVEY Act instructs the Secretary of the Interior to transfer 31.1 acres, designated for disposal and deemed surplus by the federal government, to Mesa County, Colorado, for economic development in Clifton. The legislation mandates that the County compensate the federal government for the land at fair market value. Proceeds from the sale will be deposited into the Federal Land Disposal Account established by the Federal Land Transaction Facilitation Act, under the custody of the Colorado Bureau of Land Management for in-state use. Meanwhile, the Bureau of Reclamation will retain ownership of 8.25 acres from the initially withdrawn parcel for specific project purposes.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert introduced the CONVEY Act in April 2023. Within two months, the bill received a key hearing and, one month later, it secured unanimous bipartisan approval from the House Committee on Natural Resources. This rapid progress reflects the shared recognition among lawmakers of the importance of promoting economic development in Mesa County as well as Congresswoman Boebert’s dedication to overcoming bureaucratic hurdles for the benefit of Colorado’s Third Congressional District.

Previously, Congresswoman Boebert invited Colorado House Republican Minority Leader and former Mesa County Commissioner Rose Pugliese to testify in support of the CONVEY Act. Her written testimony is available here.

Additional Background Courtesy of House Committee on Natural Resources Subcommittee on Federal Lands:

The U.S. government owns 640 million acres, with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) managing 244 million acres, primarily in eleven Western states. Despite its extensive land holdings, the BLM faces challenges, evident in a $4.7 billion deferred maintenance backlog in FY2022, a 335% increase since FY2019. This hinders local communities’ development near federal land. Congress granted BLM disposal authority, but administrative processes are slow. Expedited conveyance, like H.R. 2997 introduced by Congresswoman Boebert, are essential. Colorado has 24 million federal acres, limiting development in Mesa County. The bill seeks to transfer 31.1 acres from BLM to Mesa County, expediting economic growth in Clifton, stalled for over five years.

A map of the 31.1-acre parcel that will be sold at fair market value as a result of the CONVEY Act is available HERE.

To read the full bill click HERE.