MIL-OSI Submissions: University Research – New warning: South Australia needs to gear up for more climate extremes – Flinders Uni

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Source: Flinders university

As temperature records tumble, and the threat of bushfires and dry conditions looms large, an international study by Flinders University and Argentinian researchers renews the urgency of calls to make more concerted efforts to prepare for climate extremes in South Australia.  

Highs and lows in temperature and rainfall indices over the past 50 years have shown an increase in maximum and minimum temperatures of 1.1°C and 0.7°C and less precipitation while pointing to more intense and extended drought periods, extreme summer heatwaves alongside occasional extremes such as frost and flood.  

South Australia – often cited as the driest state on the driest continent – is poised to see more weather extremes in temperature and precipitation with more storm events, longer and more severe droughts and higher temperature peaks up to 3-5°C above current averages likely to follow global tr