MIL-OSI New Zealand: Transport – As Ridership Booms, Lime Offers Auckland New Seated Scooter Option

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Source: Lime

Lime Ridership in Auckland sees 108% growth YoY ahead of seated scooter introduction

Seated option designed for comfort and features compartment under seat for storage

Auckland, NZ  (Feb 6, 2024) – As Aucklanders set new records monthly for e-scooter ridership, Lime has launched a new vehicle with a fleet of its new Seated Scooters. The City of Sails is one of only a few cities in the world to experience the new model after successful pilots in the US. Auckland residents used e-scooters in 2023 like never before, with 108% growth year on year.

“Our new seated scooter will invite more people to try out micromobility and it is inviting to those who prefer a more accessible vehicle. The storage compartment is perfect for those riding Lime to get to work or ride home from the supermarket. E-scooter ridership is booming in Auckland and our new seated scooter will take it to the next level, all while we continue to prioritise equity and safety above all else,” said Hugo Burt-Morris, Regional General Manager ANZ at Lime.

Since Lime launched in Auckland in 2018, nearly 800,000 Aucklanders and visitors have taken almost 5 million trips on Lime vehicles with over 1.4 million rides taking place in 2023. Riders have travelled over 7 million kilometres, saving up to 3000 metric tons of carbon emissions and over 560 tons in 2023.

The New Vehicle: Seated Scooter

The Seated Scooter is Lime’s latest innovation in its family of shared, affordable, emissions-free vehicles. The fully motorised new model features a storage compartment to help riders carry more items. The Seated Scooter combines the seated comfort of a bike with the effortlessness of an e-scooter, resulting in a smooth, convenient, and environmentally friendly ride. One of the goals of introducing this new vehicle mode is to expand the demographics of those who take advantage of our safe, affordable, and sustainable ways to get around Auckland. The seated scooter’s successful US pilots showed real potential to bring in older riders, and riders of varying abilities, which Lime hopes to see happen in Auckland as well.

Beyond being able to sit down, riders will immediately notice the new dedicated storage space. Previous vehicle pilots and Lime’s internal research found storage space to be a key factor in riders choosing micromobility as a transportation option, with people more likely to ride longer distances and more often. The rear compartment on the new Seated Scooter provides for more use cases, allowing riders to carry groceries or other items. The new model’s design features taken together emphasise safety, approachability, and convenience, aiming to attract riders new to shared electric vehicles and build on the popularity of sustainable, human-scale transportation options in a city where micromobility is booming.

Safety Comes First

Safety comes first and always at Lime and the Seated Scooter is built on a foundation of safety. Like all Lime vehicles, it was designed in-house to make riders comfortable and provide a safe ride. This vehicle comes with many of the safety innovations that define Lime’s industry-leading Gen4 e-scooter, like enhanced suspension and larger wheels for a smoother ride as well as a lowered baseboard to optimise the center of gravity on the scooter and make getting on and off easier. In addition, the seated riding stance makes it easier for riders to balance and the rear storage for belongings will ensure riders have their hands free to navigate the new model. All in all, the Seated Scooter will invite more Auckland residents to test out shared micromobility and encourage current riders to ride more often.

How to Park

Park neatly on the kerb side of the footpath

Don’t park against the building line

Don’t park in car parking spaces

Avoid parking near entrances, exits, crossings and leaning against buildings

Always consider whether wheelchair users could get past your parked e-bike or e-scooter

Lime’s leading AI end-of-trip photo review technology uses an AI Learning Model to review how ‘good’ a vehicle has been parked based on the rider’s end-of-trip photo. Within minutes, the technology will use a confidence score to automatically label the parking as either: good, bad or they haven’t provided enough information, with manual override where needed.

If the vehicle is parked incorrectly it is due to it being at least one of the following:

Blocking the footpath

Blocking the street

Blocking an entrance or exit

The system follows our Progressive Disciplinary Policy, in which if a rider parks incorrectly they will receive 3 warnings, followed by a fee and if they continue to do the wrong thing, they will be suspended or banned from our platform.

‘We believe the advancement of this technology is a step in the right direction in solving one of the biggest problem areas of the program. The photo you take at the end of your trip is really important to ensure we can educate our riders and ensure the program supports the wider community.” says Auckland Operations Manager, Niki Dass

How to ride

“Riding Lime is easy, all you need is the Lime or Uber app, scan the unique QR code on the vehicle and you are on your way – you can either pay per minute or make the most of our daily passes. Please remember to follow all New Zealand Safety Laws and do not ride if you have been drinking and ensure there is only one person per scooter.” says Dass

About Lime

Lime’s mission is to build a future where transportation is shared, affordable and carbon-free. As the world’s largest provider of shared electric vehicles, Lime partners with cities to deploy electric bikes and scooters to service any trip under five miles. One of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential Companies in 2021, Lime has powered more than 500 million rides in more than 250 cities across five continents, spurring a new generation of clean alternatives to car ownership. Learn more at

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