MIL-OSI Europe: Written question – Request for the Commission to explain why a subsidy was granted to an Islamist association that it said it does not support financially – P-000262/2024

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Source: European Parliament

Priority question for written answer  P-000262/2024
to the Commission
Rule 138
Marie Dauchy (ID), Gunnar Beck (ID), Catherine Griset (ID), Annika Bruna (ID), France Jamet (ID), André Rougé (ID), Ladislav Ilčić (ECR), Dominik Tarczyński (ECR), Eric Minardi (ID), Hermann Tertsch (ECR), Dominique Bilde (ID), Charlie Weimers (ECR), Aurélia Beigneux (ID), Nicolaus Fest (ID), Jorge Buxadé Villalba (ECR), Margarita de la Pisa Carrión (ECR), Patricia Chagnon (ID), Philippe Olivier (ID), Danilo Oscar Lancini (ID), Mathilde Androuët (ID), Susanna Ceccardi (ID), Gilles Lebreton (ID)

In my written question of 9 May 2023, I asked the European Commission to provide information on the amounts granted to a list of associations related to the Muslim Brotherhood, including Islamic Relief Worldwide (IRW), which is classed, alongside its subsidiaries, as a terrorist organisation by Israel and is known for having provided several million euros to Hamas[1].

In its answer of 19 July 2023, the Commission said, ‘At current date, there is no EU funded ongoing project which involves the listed organisations as a beneficiary’[2].

This, however, has proven to be false[3].

  • 1.How can the Commission deny financing an organisation in July when it provided funding to it in June?
  • 2.Can it explain why it dissociates Islamic Relief Germany from Islamic Relief Worldwide, when the former states itself that it is linked to the latter[4]and several million euros have been exchanged by the two entities[5]?
  • 3.Will it continue to provide funding to Islamic Relief Worldwide and its European subsidiaries now that it has been informed that it finances Hamas?



  • [1] ‘IRW transferred millions of dollars to Hamas, an organisation directly responsible for the murder of Israelis, and helped develop its infrastructure and power’, said the Israeli Government Spokesperson in 2021.
  • [2]
  • [3] Funding has been granted to an Erasmus + project coordinated by Islamic Relief Germany that began on 1 June 2023;
  • [4] On its website, Islamic Relief Germany presents itself as a member of the Islamic Relief Worldwide network;
  • [5] ‘Islamic Relief Germany paid almost EUR 12 million to the parent organisation during that period’;
  • [6] This question is supported by Members other than the authors:Silvia Sardone(ID),Jean-Paul Garraud(ID)

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