MIL-OSI USA: Governor Pillen & Senators Push Back Against Foreign Adversaries

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Source: US State of Nebraska


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Governor Pillen & Senators Push Back Against Foreign Adversaries

LINCOLN, NE – Today, Governor Jim Pillen joined state senators in introducing two bills aimed at pushing back against foreign adversarial influence in Nebraska. 

At the request of the Governor, Senator Barry DeKay (District 40) introduced legislation to modernize laws related to foreign-owned agriculture land. Among the bill’s aims, continuing the state’s prohibition on foreign persons or foreign-owned companies from owning agricultural land. Additionally, it tightens existing exemptions on industrial use and ownership by foreign adversaries in areas near critical military installations. The bill directs the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) to review land purchases and sets forth a process for divestment of entities determined to be violating the law.

“Since last summer, I made it a priority to protect Nebraskans from foreign adversaries owning farmland,” said Sen. DeKay. “My staff and I have worked diligently to craft legislation that allows the Legislature to look at laws dating back to 1889. The world has changed and so must our state statutes. I am thankful for the support of Gov. Pillen and the collaboration with senators Brian Hardin, Steve Halloran and Elliot Bostar on this important policy that will protect our economic engine – agriculture.”

Sen. Bostar introduced additional legislation at the request of Gov. Pillen requiring the Department of Administrative Services (DAS) to audit all critical procurements of the state to determine what affect a conflict in the Pacific would have on state supply chains.

“We all experienced the supply chain disruptions that followed the global shutdown during the pandemic. Nebraska needs to be proactive in preparing for other supply chain disruptions that may come with political escalations,” said Gov. Pillen.

Sen. Bostar’s proposed measure also restricts public entities from contracting with companies owned by foreign adversaries with specific regard to communication technologies.

“We need to ensure Nebraska is prepared against foreign-owned companies,” said Sen. Bostar. “I am thankful for Gov. Pillen’s support on preventing overreliance on communication technology from our foreign adversaries.”

“I am proud to work with a bipartisan group of senators on both of these priorities to help protect Nebraskans against our foreign adversaries,” added Gov. Pillen.