MIL-OSI Russia: Sobyanin spoke about the construction of a bridge across the Moscow River in Nagatinsky Zaton

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In Nagatinsky Zaton, a bicycle and pedestrian bridge is being built across the old bed of the Moscow River, which will become the hallmark of the area. In addition, landscaping is being carried out and the renovation program continues. This was reported by Sergei Sobyanin.

“At the request of residents, we are building a pedestrian bridge, which will just approach the newly opened metro station. It will, of course, be in demand by residents and will be a decoration of the area, in fact, a new calling card,” said the Moscow Mayor.

Bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the Nagatinsky backwater

Construction bicycle and pedestrian bridge through Nagatinsky Zaton began in February 2023 as part of the Targeted Investment Program of the city of Moscow. It will connect parts of the area separated by the bay and improve transport accessibility of the Nagatinsky Zaton station of the Big Circle Line (BKL) metro for residents of microdistricts on Rechnikov and Sudostroitelnaya streets, as well as a new residential complex.

Thanks to its original design, the bridge will become one of the symbols of the area, as well as a popular place for meetings and daily recreation. Residents will be able to build new routes for walking and cycling, and water transport passengers will be able to get from the pier to the metro faster.

The bridge span, 216 meters long, will be made in the shape of a crescent according to the principle of engineer Fink’s truss, when the upper beam rests on vertical masts suspended on tension rods. Masts and tension cables will support the deck and separate a 4.5-metre-wide pedestrian area and a two-metre-wide cycle path. The width of the pedestrian safety strip on both sides of the bridge will be 0.75 meters.

Warm lighting of structures and canvas will highlight the contours of the structure. The central space of the bridge will become a recreation area with benches, from where citizens will be able to admire views of the river and city blocks. As part of the landscaping, 0.8 hectares of lawns will be tidied up, and 145 trees and shrubs will be planted.

First Deputy General Director of Roads and Bridges JSC Vladimir Volkov noted that 196 people and 18 pieces of equipment were involved in the construction.

“The planned completion of the work is November 2024 according to the schedule and contract,” he said. “At the moment, about 20 percent of the work has been completed; the first part of the span is currently being assembled on the slipway; the span is scheduled to slide in May.”

12 pedestrian crossings will be built in Moscow by 2026Sergei Sobyanin: New Moscow bridges are carefully integrated into the urban landscape and will serve Muscovites for decades

New building on Sudostroitelnaya Street

The implementation of the renovation program in the area continues. Thus, a residential building at 15 Sudostroitelnaya Street was built according to an individual project as part of the second wave of the program. The new building consists of four sections of variable number of floors. The ventilated façade is lined with porcelain stoneware and clinker tiles in gray and beige colors. The loggias and balconies are glazed, and ducts are provided for air conditioners.

“There are 110 apartments here with improved finishing, four of them are equipped for residents with limited mobility. On the ground floor there is space for offices and service facilities. An underground parking lot was built for residents, and a children’s playground and sports grounds were built on the territory near the house,” the Moscow Mayor wrote in his

telegram channel.

Source: telegram channel of Sergei Sobyanin @mos_sobyanin

The building has seven one-room, 92 two-room and 11 three-room apartments. The total living area is 6.9 thousand square meters. The apartments and common areas have been upgraded in accordance withrenovation program standards. The underground parking lot has 42 parking spaces.

The house is equipped with an automated system for monitoring and accounting for energy consumption, which will reduce operating costs and utility bills.

The lobby housed technical rooms, mailboxes and a concierge room. A barrier-free environment has been created for people with limited mobility and parents with strollers.

Within walking distance from the new building are the Kolomenskaya stations of the Zamoskvoretskaya metro line and Klenovy Boulevard of the BKL, the Kolomenskoye museum-reserve, shops, cafes and restaurants, schools, the Carl Faberge College of Decorative and Applied Arts, sports centers and other facilities.

It is expected that in December 122 families (332 residents) will begin moving into the new building from neighboring houses located at the addresses: Sudostroitelnaya Street, building 7, building 1 and Rechnikov Street, building 20, building 2.

Renovation program in Nagatinsky Zaton

Nagatinsky Zaton is one of the first districts of Moscow where the renovation program began. Today, residents of eight five-story buildings have moved into new houses or are preparing to move into new homes.

The renovation program in the area includes 54 houses, in which more than 13 thousand people live. The resettlement of the first two houses began before 2020. The Moscow government has defined three stages of relocation of residents. In the first (2020–2024), residents of 12 houses should be relocated, in the second (2025–2028) – 13, in the third (2029–2032) – 27 houses.

Eight launch sites were selected to organize the wave resettlement. At the moment, four new buildings have been built and handed over for occupancy at the following addresses: Sudostroitelnaya Street, building 17 (occupied from September 8, 2018); Sudostroitelnaya street, building 3 (moved in from June 11, 2020); Rechnikov street, building 18/20 (movable from May 31, 2022); Rechnikov street, building 22 (moved in from March 31, 2023).

1.7 thousand people received new apartments. The fifth new building at the address: Sudostroitelnaya Street, building 15 has already been put into operation, and in the near future it will be handed over for occupancy.

In addition, in Nagatinsky Zaton, three more houses are being built and designed at the following addresses: Sudostroitelnaya street, property 5, Kolomenskaya street, opposite property 3, Sudostroitelnaya street, land plot 7/1/2 (possession 7, building 1).

The Moscow government has approved a planning project for new neighborhoods in Nagatinsky Zaton, thanks to which a high-quality and balanced urban environment will be created in the area. During the implementation of the renovation program, 10 social facilities will appear in the area, such as schools, kindergartens, additional education institutions and others.

More than 3.4 thousand Muscovites have received apartments under the renovation program in the Southern Administrative District since the beginning of the yearSobyanin: By the end of the year, more than 13 thousand Muscovites will receive new housing through renovation

Renovation program in Moscow

Housing renovation program in Moscow was approved on August 1, 2017. It includes 5,175 houses – about 350 thousand apartments with a total area of 16.4 million square meters, in which about a million people live.

The first new residents moved into the new apartments in February 2018. The resettlement of residents of 886 houses into 258 new buildings is currently underway or completed. A total of 142.7 thousand people have moved or are moving.

To implement the renovation program, 601 starting sites with a total capacity of 9.9 million square meters of housing have been selected. The sites are located in all administrative districts of the city as close as possible to the five-story buildings included in the program. 280 residential buildings with a total area of four million square meters were built. The design and construction of 434 buildings with a total area of 8.3 million square meters is underway.

To assist citizens in relocating, information centers have been opened, where you can get advice from representatives of the capital’s Department of City Property, the Moscow Renovation Fund, the prefecture, the management company, the general contractor and other organizations.

“My District” program in Nagatinsky Zaton

Purpose of the program “My region”, developed on the initiative of Sergei Sobyanin, is to create comfortable living conditions in all districts of the capital.

“We are developing the most “river” Moscow district in a comprehensive manner, like other parts of the city. In the last year alone, residents received two new metro stations – “Klenovy Boulevard” and “Nagatinsky Zaton”. The reconstruction of the Southern River Station has been completed, the embankment has been landscaped, the “Island of Dreams” and a summer recreation area are being developed,” the Moscow Mayor noted in his

telegram channel.

Source: telegram channel of Sergei Sobyanin @mos_sobyanin

More than 130 thousand Muscovites live in Nagatinsky Zaton. In recent years, much has been done in the area to improve their quality of life. Thus, as part of the BKL, the Klenovy Bulvar and Nagatinsky Zaton metro stations opened in the area. Reconstruction was completed in April 2023 Southern River Station. After 25 years, pleasure boats depart from here and arrive from Russian cities again. The renovated station also became a stop on the regular passenger river route ZIL – Pechatniki, open in autumn. In addition to the Southern River Station, the Nagatinsky Zaton and Klenovy Boulevard berths operate in the area.

Modern three-section low-floor trams “Vityaz-Moscow” have arrived on routes No. 47 and 49. Five new routes of ground urban transport have appeared.

In addition, the Kozhukhovsky Bridge and a pedestrian crossing with a travelator from the Technopark metro station above Andropov Avenue were built in the area. A bicycle and pedestrian bridge is being built across Nagatinsky Zaton, which will connect the metro station of the same name with Rechnikov Street.

Sergei Sobyanin opened the renovated Southern River StationSergei Sobyanin announced the completion of construction of the Big Circle Metro Line

The Dream Island amusement park has gained popularity. Theme and landscape parks, a city promenade and a beach area with summer pools have been built for citizens. The Moscow concert hall is also located there. The territory of the Southern River Station with the embankment, the pedestrian zone on Kolomenskaya Embankment, the people’s park on Zatonnaya Street and the spaces near the BKL stations have been improved. In addition, 70 courtyards have been put in order.

As part of the development of social infrastructure in the area, a school for 550 children was built and opened at the address: Korabelnaya Street, building 13 a, and a children’s and adult clinic for 750 visits on Rechnikov Street (building 5). After a comprehensive reconstruction, patients are again accepted by branch No. 3 of children’s clinic No. 91 on Kolomenskaya embankment (house 4, building 2).

The Orbita multifunctional public center on Andropov Avenue (house 27) became a point of attraction for residents.

Many social facilities have been renovated. Thus, complex work was carried out in the children’s music school named after K. Karaev (Nagatinskaya embankment, building 54), the premises of the Nagatino House of Culture (Sudostroitelnaya street, building 31, building 1 and building 28, building 1), library No. 162 named after K. M. Simonov (Kolomenskaya street, building 9, building 5 and Yakornaya street, building 5, building 2).

In addition, the Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God in Kolomenskoye was restored, and the Moscow longevity center “Nagatinsky Zaton” was opened on Nagatinskaya embankment (house 34). It is planned to build a sports and recreation complex on Sudostroitelnaya Street.

Note; This information is raw content directly from the source of the information. This is exactly what the source states and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

Please note; This information is raw content directly from the information source. It is accurate to what the source is stating and does not reflect the position of MIL-OSI or its clients.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and or sentence structure not be perfect.

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