MIL-OSI China: Slackliners compete on cliffs in central China


Source: China State Council Information Office

Eight elite slackline walkers competed against each other on Bamianshan Mountain in central China’s Hunan Province on Friday.
Bamianshan Mountain is located in Liye ancient town in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture. At a terrifying altitude of 1,174 meters, competitors walk on 240-meter-long slacklines, which were slung between top of two mountains.
“Fear is the first obstacle to overcome when changing from a low to a high altitude. But I’m confident of performing well,” said He Jinyi, who has been practicing walking on slackline since 2018.
It was windy at the top of the mountain during the competition. Competitors can only maintain their equilibrium by swaying their bodies. He, good at racing at low altitudes, clocked six minutes and 32 seconds to beat his coach Shi Hailin for the championship. He also set a personal best of covering 15 meters in four seconds during the competition.

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