MIL-OSI Australia: Driver licence concessions for Tasmanians


Source: State of Tasmania Government

2 July 2022

Michael Ferguson, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport

The Tasmanian Liberal Government is offering real solutions to assist Tasmanians with cost of living pressures.

There are concessions available for eligible motorists renewing their driver’s licence and it’s really important to check them out to see if you’re entitled to a saving.

Discount rates are available for eligible drivers that can see a saving of as much as $57.80 when renewing a licence for five years which make a real difference. 

The discount is applied in line with the length of the renewal so, for example, a one-year extension will save eligible drivers $11.90, two years $23.80, three years $34.00 and $45.90 for a four-year renewal.

Eligible Tasmanians include those holding a pensioner concession or health care card, those on a TPI (totally and permanently incapacitated) pension, those with a severe disability and some asylum seekers.

Once a driver reaches 65 years of age, licence renewals are free† saving $110.50 for a 5-year renewal.

Already nearly 150,000 Tasmanians, including more than 95,000 over 65s and almost 50,000 under 65s, are collectively saving money on their driver’s licence.

These benefits are in addition to the Safer Driver Reward which is provided automatically to learner drivers and riders who progress through their Ps stage without committing an offence. The reward is a full licence for the next three years, worth $75.

These initiatives are further ways we are helping reduce household budget stress for Tasmanians.

To find out if you are eligible for the driver’s licence concession go to or call 1300 135 513.

† $11.49 licence card production fee still applies.