MIL-OSI Australia: Precision Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd fined and directed to cease alleged unlawful advertising of nicotine vaping products


Source: Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration

The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) has issued two infringement notices totalling $26,640 to NSW-based company Precision Pharmaceuticals Pty Ltd for the alleged unlawful advertising of nicotine vaping products on their website.

An executive officer of the company was issued one infringement notice of $2,664. The TGA also directed the company to cease promoting the use and supply of nicotine vaping products to Australian consumers.

The website URL, trading name and website content allegedly promotes the use and supply of nicotine vaping products. The TGA alleges that consumers could view advertising of the nicotine vaping products without a doctor’s prescription, which is illegal.

Nicotine vaping products are prescription only medicines and must not be directly advertised to Australian consumers unless the advertising meets the conditions of the Therapeutic Goods (Restricted and Prohibited Representations – Nicotine) Permission (No. 2) 2021.

The products allegedly advertised by Precision Pharmaceuticals were not entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods and were not exempt or excluded from that requirement.

The company has been directed to cease use of the following words in the website URL and the company trading name: ‘vape’ or any variation such as ‘vaping’ in conjunction with ‘prescription’, ‘script’, ‘medical’, ‘pharmacy’, ‘pharmacist’, or any variation of those words.

If you suspect non-compliance in relation to therapeutic goods, you can report illegal or questionable practices online to the TGA.