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Source: Republic of Poland in English

During the ongoing summit of the European Council in Brussels, EU leaders have decided to grant Ukraine and Moldova EU candidate status. This is a very important step on these countries’ path towards the Community, especially in view of the war in Ukraine. Poland was particularly active in striving for the award of candidate status to its struggling neighbour. As Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki emphasised, just 3 months ago this seemed impossible. However, the efforts of Polish diplomacy have proved successful and brought the desired effect.
“We have achieved this historic moment today. Poland stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Ukraine in this struggle for freedom, sovereignty, safety, restoration of peace in Europe, in this fight with barbaric, beastly aggression of Russia,” stressed the head of the Polish government.
Important step on the path to EU
The granting of candidate country status is an important event. Today Ukraine and Moldova have taken a very big step on their path to the membership of the European Union. The situation of Ukraine is exceptional – our neighbour continues to repel the barbaric attack on its sovereignty.
“We are currently dealing with barbaric onslaught of Russia in our immediate vicinity. To fight back, Ukraine needs hope. We have given it this hope today,” emphasised the Prime Minister.
During the European Council summit, the heads of government have been virtually joined by the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy. “President Zelenskyy, who has joined us, thanked us, thanked Poland. I am also very grateful to Ukraine, its President, the whole nation that they defend freedom, defend sovereignty, defend territorial integrity and that they show what true European values are,” added Prime Minister Morawiecki.
Poland – an effective ally
Since the beginning of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, we have been supporting our Eastern neighbour in many ways. Polish men and women have opened their hearts and homes to those fleeing the worn-torn country. From the very beginning, the head of Polish government has been involved with activities at international level.
“Today Ukraine sees that it can rely on Poland as its effective ally. The ally who, after three months of very difficult démarches, achieved the goal. Today we, the Europe as a whole, stand with Ukraine in its struggle for freedom. We have succeeded in this,” announced the Prime Minister.

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