MIL-OSI Australia: Drivers warned to slow down at Mogriguy level crossing


Source: New South Wales Transport

Drivers have been warned to slow down at a rail level crossing at Mogriguy, north of Dubbo, with a reduced 60 km/h speed limit to come into effect next week.
The reduced speed limit is part of a NSW Government campaign to improve safety at level crossings across regional NSW through the Railway Level Crossing (RLX) Speed Reduction Program.
A Transport for NSW spokesperson said the change had been recommended by Transport for NSW following a period of consultation and had been supported by the NSW Level Crossing Strategy Council.
“The speed limit on the approach and exit to the level crossing on Mogriguy Road, Mogriguy will be cut from 100 km/h to 60 km/h from Tuesday 5 July for the safety of all road and rail users,” the spokesperson said.
“Crash statistics show that from 2008 to 2021 there were 83 collisions between trains and cars at level crossings in NSW and, sadly, 10 people lost their lives.
“We’re doing all we can to prevent those crashes in future.”
The new 60 km/h speed limit will start 400 metres from the level crossing on the northbound and southbound approaches and continue for 200 metres past the level crossing in both directions.
The change will add just 14 seconds to the trip for motorists travelling at the speed limit.
“That 14 seconds is time well spent to help avoid a devastating crash at this level crossing,” the spokesperson said.
“New signage will be installed on Mogriguy Road to advise motorists of the change and all drivers are advised to slow down in the area.”
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