MIL-OSI Translation: Higher burdens and finger pointing instead of sustainable concepts


MIL OSI translation. Region: Germany/Germany –

Source: CDU CSU

Sepp Müller: “Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach only wants to treat the symptoms of the lack of funding for statutory health insurance. A hospital structure reform, with which he would combat the causes, is still not on the table. The Financing Act isn’t worth the paper it’s written on, because it inevitably leads to higher contributions and thus affects all citizens, but especially those on low wages. The traffic light is and remains an expensive coalition, especially for pensioners and the hard-working middle class.

The billion-dollar levy for the research-based pharmaceutical industry planned by the minister is pure poison for Germany as a research location. The industry has been saving lives during the pandemic by developing new vaccines and medicines. It is a joke that these were celebrated just a year ago and are now being fleeced by law.”

Tino Sorge: “If the draft from the Ministry of Health is implemented, it will mean considerable additional burdens for both those with statutory health insurance and for the economy – in addition to inflation. The previous social guarantee, the basis for good economic development and stable income, is being thrown overboard.

The reason for the financial deficit is not conclusive either: together with the coalition partner SPD, many construction sites in the health care system and care were tackled in the last legislative period. The minister seems to have completely ignored this fact. He’s apparently now looking for a scapegoat. The accusation that his predecessor left him the deficit is unfounded and lacking in style.

It is now taking revenge that Karl Lauterbach let valuable time pass and has only been fixated on the topic of Corona since taking office. Potential savings were not used: for example, efficiency reserves were not increased through digitization, outpatient operations were not expanded and the delegation of services to non-medical professions was not further advanced.”


EDITOR’S NOTE: This article is a translation. Apologies should the grammar and/or sentence structure not be perfect.

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