MIL-OSI Security: Saskatchewan — Saskatchewan RCMP: on duty in your community – Monday, June 20 to Sunday, June 26, 2022, inclusive


Source: Royal Canadian Mounted Police

Please note all information below occurred within the time period above, unless otherwise noted.

Saskatchewan RCMP – Your Provincial Police Service

  • School’s out, Canada Day’s on Friday and many Saskatchewan residents will be hitting the road, beach or waters this long weekend. As your provincial police service, Saskatchewan RCMP will be in all corners of the province this weekend working to help everyone have a safe start to the summer.

If you’re travelling by vehicle: buckle up and give yourself plenty of time to get to your destination. Don’t speed and always drive appropriate to road/traffic conditions.

If you’re boating: ensure everyone on board is wearing a personal floatation device.

Finally, don’t operate – or let someone else operate – a road vehicle, off-road vehicle or watercraft while impaired. If you see a possible impaired driver, call 911.

Stay safe this holiday weekend, Saskatchewan!

Investigative Recap

  • Ongoing: There continues to be an increased police presence in La Ronge as Saskatchewan RCMP investigates a serious firearms incident that occurred on June 19. A firearm was discharged at La Ronge RCMP officers, prompting a dangerous person alert to be issued.

As a result of investigation, on June 22, 2022, officers from the Saskatoon Police Service and Saskatchewan RCMP arrested Terrance Daigneault in Saskatoon on warrants for 11 charges, including two counts of attempted murder. He will next appear in La Ronge Provincial Court on July 7, 2022. Nikeyta Bradfield, 24, of La Ronge was also arrested and charged with two counts of accessory after the fact to attempted murder with a firearm. She will next appear in La Ronge Provincial Court on June 27, 2022.

Investigators continue to work to locate 22-year-old Celine Charles of La Ronge, who is wanted for one count of obstruction and 36-year-old Allan Sanderson of La Ronge, who is wanted for obstruction and unauthorized possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

Descriptions and photos of both are available here:

  • June 20: On June 19, 2022 at approximately 9:10 a.m., La Ronge RCMP received a report of a break and enter. Investigation determined two males entered a residence and assaulted the occupants. No one reported serious injuries. Officers identified two suspects and observed them in a vehicle in La Ronge on June 20. The vehicle was stopped and officers located and seized a loaded handgun, approximately 425 grams of cocaine and drug trafficking paraphernalia. Five occupants of the vehicle were arrested.

As a result of investigation into the June 20 traffic stop: Wolfgang McKenzie, 34, from La Ronge, Chad Bird, 30, from La Ronge, Nelson Okoth, 20, of Etobicoke, ON, Arafat Mousa, 34, from Brampton, ON and Tara Ratt, 30, from La Ronge are each charged with: 1 count, possession for the purpose of trafficking, Section 5(2), Controlled Drugs and Substances Act; 1 count, unlicensed possession of a prohibited weapon, Section 95, Criminal Code; 1 count, possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle, Section 94(2), Criminal Code; 1 count, possession of weapon for dangerous purpose, Section 88(2), Criminal Code; 1 count, carry concealed weapon, Section 90, Criminal Code; 1 count, unsafe storage of a firearm, Section 86(2), Criminal Code, 1 count, unauthorized possession of a firearm, Section 91(1), Criminal Code; and 1 count, unauthorized possession of a prohibited weapon, Section 91(2), Criminal Code.

Wolfgang McKenzie is also charged with: 2 counts, possession of a firearm while prohibited, Section 117.01(1), Criminal Code. Nelson Okoth is also charged with possession of the proceeds of crime, Section 354(1)(a), Criminal Code. Arafat Mousa is also charged with 3 counts, fail to comply with undertaking conditions, Section 145(4)(a), Criminal Code.

As a result of investigation into the June 19 break and enter: Chad Bird is charged with 2 counts, assault, Section 266, Criminal Code and 1 count breaking, entering and committing, Section 348(1)(b), Criminal Code (Information 90477406). Wolfgang McKenzie is charged with 2 counts, assault with weapon, Section 267(a), Criminal Code and 1 count, breaking, entering and committing, Section 348(1)(b)

Tara Ratt will next appear in La Ronge Provincial Court on July 18, 2022. All other accused will next appear in La Ronge Provincial Court on June 30, 2022.

Lumsden RCMP, Moose Jaw RCMP, Saskatchewan RCMP’s Underwater Recovery Team, conservation officers with the Provincial Protective Services Branch, local fire, EMS and local citizens searched for the 19-year-old male swimmer. The male was located deceased in the water near where he was last seen. His family has been notified.

Lumsden RCMP thanks all those who assisted in the search. Our thoughts are with the young man’s family.

Report Tips and Information: If you have information about any of the above crimes, or other criminal activity, please report it to your nearest RCMP Detachment or police service, call 310-RCMP in non-emergencies, 911 in emergencies. Information can also be submitted anonymously through Crime Stoppers by calling 1-800-222-TIPS (8477) or submitting a tip online at

Report some complaints such as damage/mischief to property under $5,000, theft of bicycle under $5,000, theft under $5,000, theft from vehicle under $5,000, lost or found property and damage/mischief to vehicle under $5000 online here:

Incidents in Saskatchewan RCMP jurisdiction June 20-26, 2022

Please note: the statistics below are representative of reports received within the Saskatchewan RCMP jurisdiction. They are from the RCMP records management system and are accurate as the day they are collected. Crime statistics are regularly updated due to changes in reporting procedures, changes in ongoing investigations, etc. As a result, the statistics below may differ from previous or future published reports.

Divisional Operational Communications Centre (does not include calls for service by the public directly to local RCMP detachments)

Calls for service total 7313
Highest volume of calls for service was on June 25, 2022 1202
Reports of Impaired Drivers (RID calls) 98
Persons Offences (number of incidents, not victims)

Homicide 1
Homicides year to date (January, 2022 to last day encompassed in this report) 11
Sexual assaults 23
Sexual crime – other (invitation to sexual touching, sexual interference) 10


Aggravated Assault 4
Assault 203
Assault with weapon or cauing bodily harm 48
Robbery 5
Firearms (use of in the commission of an offence, discharge with intent, pointing a firearm) 5
Kidnapping/forcible confinement 1
Harassment/uttering threats 113
Other persons offences (domestic or family dispute, criminal negligence causing bodily harm, extortion with firearm, mischief – danger to life, etc.) 33
Property Offences

Break and Enter Total 118
Number of break and enters to a business 22
Number of break and enters to a residence 69
Number of other break and enters (encompasses sheds, storage containers, unattached garages, etc.) 27
Theft Total 275
Other theft over $5,000 32
Theft $5,000 or under 205
Number of theft of motor vehicle 38
Mischief 561
Number of mischief – damage to property 149
Number of mischief – obstruct enjoyment of property (example: unwanted, intoxicated person at a residence) 412
Other Criminal Code Offences

Bail violations 112
Breach of probation 27
Failure to appear/comply 31
Disturbing the peace 236

Reports of intimate partner and family violence

  • Time period reported is quarterly.
  • Data represents number of victims, as there may be more than one victim on a specific investigative file. An individual victimized more than once in a timeframe would be counted more than once. Due to common relationship types in intimate and family violence categories, totals should not be combined.
  • Intimate partner refers to violence committed by spouses (legally married, separated, divorced and common-law), current and former dating partner, or someone with whom the victim was in another type of intimate relationship.
  • Family violence refers to violence committed by spouses (legally married, separated, divorced and common-law), parents (biological, step, adoptive and foster), children (biological, step, adopted and foster), siblings (biological, step, half, adopted and foster) and extended family members (grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins and in-laws).
January 2022
Intimate partner violence 339
Family violence 320
February 2022
Intimate partner violence 332
Family violence 352
March 2022
Intimate partner violence 389
Family violence 395
Total intimate partner violence January-March 1060
Total family violence January-March 2022 1067

Impaired-related offences 137
Number of roadside suspensions 16
Dangerous operation of a motor vehicle 14
Speeding (this does not include automated speed enforcement fines issued) 1382
Fines issued 873
Warnings issued (education-focused interaction between police and public) 461
Collisions 152
Dangerous driving 13
Fatal collisions (number of incidents, not victims) 0

Non-offence Codes (generally, instances where Criminal Codes or Provincial/Federal Statutes aren’t broken – for example abandoned vehicles, animal calls, school visits, property or wellbeing checks, etc.)

Assistance 298
False alarms 287
Breach of peace 130
911 Act – other activities 187
Suspicious person/vehicle/property 214
Mental health act (generally, police officers responding to reports of persons thinking about suicide, or people with mental illness and requiring assistance): 214
Non-suspicious sudden deaths/Coroner’s Act (generally, police officers responding to reports of persons who died by suicide. Individual numbers associated to people who died by suicide would require a manual review of all RCMP files under this code): 11

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