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PORTLAND, Ore., June 22, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Sortis Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SOHI) (“Sortis” or the “Company”), a platform enabling highly scalable, experiential lifestyle brands to accelerate growth and impact, has announced that it acquired long-time partner WLCR, a full-service digital creative agency bent on direct to consumer (D2C) growth acceleration via technology-based solutioning.

Sortis’ growing portfolio of consumer brands share four key characteristics: passionate customer bases; differentiated brand identities; integrated commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (“ESG”) priorities; and digital tailwinds. To that end, WLCR will supercharge the digital efforts of Sortis’ portfolio brands to accelerate and scale both organically and inorganically.

“The Sortis team has maintained strong partnership with WLCR since early 2020, and this acquisition comes as a natural and mutually beneficial progression of that relationship,” said Paul Brenneke, Executive Chairman of Sortis. “The WLCR team is not only trailblazers of digital marketing, having developed revolutionary eCommerce work with revered brands such as Nike, Intel, Ticketmaster, and the Comedy Store, among dozens of other companies, but their values directly align with the Sortis vision. Our teams are eager to come together to enhance the digital ecosystem of our portfolio of brands so they can continue to spark conversation and move culture forward through greater connectivity between brands, communities, and individuals.”

WLCR was founded in 2009 to create strategic digital advantages for authentic and meaningful brands by developing and optimizing digital ecosystems and unlocking substantial benefit multiples for stakeholders. The agency leverages psychology and an intimate understanding of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) to develop strategic tech-based approaches to business problem solving centered on art, technology, and an empathy-based user experience. These core strengths have driven WLCR to become one of the most highly sought-after innovation accelerators in the US, with a growing inbound partner roaster that includes some of the influential brands and celebrities in America. Starting today, WLCR will deliver an unfair advantage to the Sortis’ portfolio. A massive aggregation of first-party analytics, which will be used to assess consumer and market trends across millions of consumer and brand interactions, is among the first priorities. The addition of WLCR, a best-in-class full-service digital creative team, will allow Sortis to unlock the highest potential of its platform and continue to deliver perpetually greater results.

Adam Shearer, Founder and CEO of WLCR added, “all great ideas have their time. Few simultaneously have all the ingredients required to create a meaningful shift in human behavior or the consumer paradigm. The ecosystem we are creating at Sortis will allow our united team to intervene at the most opportune time in the life of a business by creating a confluence of the merchant, the money, and the moment. We are excited to expand our work across the full Sortis platform as it presents the perfect cross section of values and service with brands that are enthusiastic to cultivate and take their impact to the next level through technology.”

Shearer brings more than 15 years of executive experience, backed by a formal education in Psychology, published research on human-computer interaction (HCI) and recommendation engines, and extensive applied experience as a consultant and thought leader for globally recognized brands. As part of the agreement, Mr. Shearer and WLCR will lead digital strategy and execution for Sortis’ portfolio companies as well as key, strategically identified, partners outside of the platform which will continue to nurture an ever-increasing relevance and digital agility to support the monumental growth of Sortis.

About Sortis Holdings, Inc.
Sortis Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SOHI) is a collection of brands that combine creative vision with business acumen. Sortis intends to power its brands across hotel & lodging, coffee, food & beverage, and beauty & wellness to drive culture forward, uniting purpose and profit to thoughtfully scale its companies and offer exceptional experiences to its customers. To learn more about Sortis, please visit

About WLCR
WLCR accelerates growth, relevance, and durability by perfecting your digital ecosystem and maximizing ROI. The key to our success record is a seamless blend of entrepreneurial perspective, the ability to parse risk and opportunity simultaneously, our unique smooth funnel architecture, and our soup to nuts digital toolkit.

We identify the primary goals, values, and concerns of all ecosystem stakeholders, from consumer to shareholder, and then apply data-based insights to pragmatic problem solving. While some agencies make decisions based on data, and others make decisions from the gut, we recognize and act on both at speed.

In addition, and in contrast to other creative agencies, WLCR partners directly with PE, VC, and AI capital (and their portfolios) as well as other visionaries, founders, and business leaders in a way that accelerates innovation at every step. As a result, we consistently achieve what most agencies fail to ever understand: Business.

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