MIL-OSI Video: UN Chief on Syria – Security Council | United Nations


Source: United Nations (Video News)

Opening remarks by H.E. António Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, on the situation in Syria during the Security Council, 9068th meeting

The United Nations’ Secretary-General, António Guterres, warned the Security Council that the humanitarian situation in Syria remains dire for millions of children, women and men, with needs at their highest since the start of the war over 11 years ago.

Addressing the Council on Monday (20 June), Guterres said that “the world’s largest refugee crisis continues to impact the region and the world.”

The UN chief appealed to the members of the Council to maintain consensus on allowing cross-border operations, by renewing resolution 2585 for an additional twelve months.

For Guterres, “it is a moral imperative to address the suffering and vulnerability of 4.1 million people in the area who need aid and protection.”

According to UN estimates, eighty percent of those in need in northwest Syria are women and children.

Around the country, 14.6 million people need humanitarian assistance.

Twelve million people are food insecure, unsure where their next meal is coming from.

Ninety per cent of the population live below the poverty line, and infrastructure is crumbling, destroyed by years of conflict.

The economy is set to contract further this year, according to the World Bank.

The UN current humanitarian appeal requires $4.4 billion to assist people inside Syria and another $5.6 billion to support refugees in the region.

The Secretary-General said that, together, the international community has helped avoid a total collapse in Syria, but for him “the only way to end the humanitarian tragedy in Syria is through a truly nationwide ceasefire and a political solution that enables the Syrian people to determine their own future.”