MIL-OSI Video: “The Heartbreaking Struggle to Help Ukraine” Interview with Osnat Lubrani – Awake at Night


Source: United Nations (Video News)

“What is keeping me awake at night is the horror of knowing that it hasn’t ended yet and that there are more people alive today that are very likely to be dead tomorrow.”

Osnat Lubrani knows first-hand the horrors of war. As UN Resident Coordinator and Humanitarian Coordinator in Ukraine, she has witnessed the dramatic changes since the Russian invasion and rapidly mounting needs as the war tears lives apart across the country. In this episode, Osnat reflects on the frustrating battle to reach Ukrainians, what it feels like to receive distressing cries for help, and what gives her hope when all seems lost.

At least 15.7 million Ukrainians are now in urgent need of humanitarian aid, with the UN working to expand existing programs and establish new life-saving operations. Yet access to some of the most vulnerable is proving extremely problematic.

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