MIL-OSI Video: Pakistan: ‘facing a real threat of food, water & energy insecurity’ – Press Conference (19 May 2022)


Source: United Nations (Video News)

The Minister for Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, said that his country is facing “a real threat of food insecurity, water insecurity and energy insecurity that has obviously been exacerbated by recent geopolitical development.”

Following a Security Council meeting in New York, Zardari told journalists in New York on Thursday (19 May) that “as a result of the COVID pandemic and the climate crisis and economic situations across the world, these issues are far more endemic than that and from problematic than that.”

The Minister noted that “Pakistan is one of the most climate stressed countries at the moment” and all of Pakistan is currently declared to be in a situation of drought, with temperatures in April that used to only be seen in the peak heat of the summer.

Zardari also noted that Pakistan relies heavily on Ukraine for the import of wheat and fertilizer.

On Wednesday, the UN hosted a Global Food Security Call to Action meeting of foreign ministers from approximately 30 regionally diverse countries to review the urgent humanitarian and development needs and then identify steps to address global food security, nutrition, and resilience.

Zardari said the meeting would help Pakistan and other developing countries “in addressing the sort of imminent crisis of food security”, but for short, medium and long term the world needs “a far more comprehensive approach that also focuses on conflict resolution on dialogue, diplomacy and the pursuit of peace.”