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State Secretariat for Migration

Bern-Wabern, May 17, 2022 – In April 2022, 1,268 asylum applications were submitted in Switzerland, 45 fewer than in the previous month (-3.4%). Compared to April 2021, the number of asylum applications has increased by 418. The most important countries of origin were Afghanistan and Turkey. In April, 22,965 people who had fled Ukraine were granted protection status S.

The main countries of origin of people who submitted an application for asylum in Switzerland in April are Afghanistan with 260 applications (54 fewer than in March), Turkey (247 applications; 56), Eritrea (156 applications; -14), Syria ( 83 applications; -3) and Algeria (62 applications; -18).

Of the 1,268 applications submitted in April, 849 were primary applications (March 2022: 869 primary applications). Persons who make a primary request do so independently of other persons who have already requested protection. The most important countries of origin for the primary applications in April 2022 were: Afghanistan (225, -62), Turkey (146, 51), Algeria (61, -19), as well as Georgia (43, unchanged) and Syria (38, 7). In contrast, a secondary application is the result of an asylum application that has already been registered (e.g. birth, family reunification or multiple applications).

The State Secretariat for Migration SEM processed a total of 954 asylum applications in April 2022: 246 non-admission decisions were made (of which 186 on the basis of the Dublin Agreement), 327 people were granted asylum and 190 were provisionally admitted as part of the first-instance processing. The number of cases pending in the first instance increased by 347 to 4786 compared to the previous month.

In April, 350 people left Switzerland in a controlled manner or were returned to their country of origin or a third country. Switzerland asked another Dublin state to take over 369 people, and 128 people were transferred to the responsible Dublin state in the same period. At the same time, Switzerland was asked by other Dublin states to take over 283 people and 58 people were handed over to Switzerland.

resettlement program

In April 2022, 26 people entered Switzerland as part of the resettlement program. The Federal Council decides on a resettlement program every two years. For the years 2022 and 2023, it has decided to take in a total of up to 1,600 particularly vulnerable refugees who are in a precarious situation in countries of first reception. In addition, there is a contingent of 220 refugees who could not be accepted under the 2020/2021 program due to the delay caused by the pandemic.

Ukraine: protection status S (special procedure)

On March 12, 2022, the Federal Council activated protection status S for the first time to admit vulnerable people from Ukraine.

In April, 22,890 people subsequently registered for an application for protection status S in the federal asylum centers. In the same period, 22,965 people were granted protection status S, while 114 people seeking protection were denied it because the criteria were not met.

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