MIL-OSI Submissions: Births and deaths: Year ended March 2022 – Stats NZ information release


Births and deaths: Year ended March 2022 – Information release

16 May 2022

Births and deaths releases provide statistics on the number of births and deaths of people resident in New Zealand that are registered during a given period, along with selected fertility and mortality rates. They may differ from statistics presented elsewhere that relate to all births and deaths registered in New Zealand or to births and deaths occurring during a given period.

Key facts

In the year ended March 2022, compared with the year ended March 2021:

  • there were 60,141 live births registered, up from 57,105
  • there were 35,394 deaths registered, up from 32,910 (but only slightly up from March 2020, when there were 34,518 deaths)
  • the total fertility rate was 1.68 births per woman, up from 1.60
  • the infant mortality rate was 4.19 deaths per 1,000 live births, up from 4.15.

Visit Statistics NZ’s website to read this information release: Births and deaths: Year ended March 2022