MIL-OSI Video: Ukraine: “Nearly 100 children killed in Ukraine in the last month, education under attack” – UNICEF


Source: United Nations (Video News)

Security Council briefing by Omar Abdi, Deputy Executive Director for programmes at UNICEF, on the situation in Ukraine.

In his briefing to the Council, the Deputy Executive Director for Programmes at UNICEF, Omar Abdi, said, “as each day passes, more children are exposed to the horrors of this war. And just this past month, the UN verified that nearly 100 children were killed, and we believe the actual figures should be considerably higher. More children have been injured and face grave violations of their rights. Millions more have been displaced, schools continues to be attacked and used for military purposes, and water and sanitation infrastructure impacted.”

The war in Ukraine, he said, “like all wars, is a child protection and child rights crisis.”

Russian Ambassador Vasily Nebenzya told the Council that “many educational facilities in towns where active military activity is going are being used by the Ukrainian military as base points, as a result of which they have been significantly damaged.”

Nebenzya said, “norms of international humanitarian law exist for anybody but not for Kyiv” telling the Council that “schools, kindergartens and other children’s educational facilities have been seized by the Ukrainian authorities, and that’s not an exception to the rule but the rule.”

For his part, Ukraine’s Ambassador Sergiy Kyslytsya said, “the defenders of Mariupol have already done the impossible. They stopped the overwhelming Russian troops for more than three months. Their contribution to the destruction of the Russian blitzkrieg plans can’t be over-estimated.”

Mariupol, Kyslytsya said,” has paid a heavy price for this. The death toll among its residents for these months, about 20,000, is double the amount caused during the Second World War by German Nazis who killed 10,000.”

He said, “at least 226 children have been killed and 417 wounded by the Russians troops in Ukraine, but it’s no doubt that the actual data is much higher as the occupied territory remains a no-go zone for any credible international mechanism.”

Today’s meeting, under the agenda item “Maintenance of Peace and Security of Ukraine” was requested by France and Mexico and focused on the effects of the war on children.