MIL-OSI Video: Victims of Terrorism Memories Campaign – Film


Source: United Nations (Video News)

The Victims of Terrorism “Memories” film was launched on 11 May 2022 by the United Nations Counter-Terrorism Center during the United Nations High-Level International Conference on Human Rights, Civil Society and Counter-Terrorism in Malaga, Spain. This short documentary features eight victims of terrorism from across the globe showcasing their personal objects/markings. These objects highlight the remembrance, recognition and resilience traits personified by each one of them. It is a simple but powerful way for audiences to relate to the victims; to feel their loss and to better understand the importance of remembering and paying tribute to victims of terrorism. Part of our shared human experience is an innate need to attach personal meaning to physical objects: it is something we do from the moment of our birth. Physical objects hold memories, emotions, aspirations: they form links to people no longer with us, and they keep us connected to versions of ourselves that were lost or forever changed—sometimes through growth or the passage of time, sometimes by a traumatic event, such as a terrorist attack.

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