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Librarian’s advice: we read stories about animals and friendship with kids, we discuss serious topics with teenagers.

On weekends, the staff of the capital’s libraries talk about books that can bring the whole family together in the evening. Varvara Kuptsova from Library No. 92 – Cultural Center named after K.I. Chukovsky chose six fairy tales and stories that will help children to love reading.


“Fox Foxtrot” by Helme Heine

The little ones will definitely love this kind and interesting fairy tale. Once a fox named Foxtrot got out of the dark hole in which he lived with his parents, and was stunned: it turns out that there are so many different sounds in the world! Very soon he discovered his singing talent and decided to take it seriously.

The little red-haired hero will charm the whole family, you will be happy to follow his adventures and reflections. If you want to teach your child to read and are looking for something suitable, then this is ideal: the letters are large, there is not much text. The book was written by the contemporary German writer Helme Heine, winner of the European children’s book award and winner of other prestigious awards. Lovely illustrations that you will fall in love with at first sight, made by the author himself.

“Just All Together” by Lorenz Pauli

Swiss author Lorenz Pauli, winner of several literary awards, has written an excellent book on friendship. The main characters are a deer, a mouse, a fish, a bear and a meerkat. What can unite such different creatures, you can discuss with your child immediately after reading. It is interesting that they did not make friends right away – they had to look closely at each other and even draw the first wrong conclusions. But in the end they learned to communicate with each other.

I would like to talk about illustrations separately. Adults will definitely appreciate them – the artist Katrin Scherer has created very funny, touching images.

For older guys

“Goalkeeper and the Sea” by Maria Parr

This book is a sequel to Waffle Heart, which the Norwegian writer Maria Parr wrote in 2005. Both can be read separately from each other: understanding the plot will not suffer, even if you pick up the second part right away.

The main characters, Trilla and Lena, are 12 years old. Like all children, they love adventure. In the first book, their friendship was tested for strength by distance, and in the second, they went to Shchepka Matilda Bay to start something interesting there. What exactly – find out for yourself. Maria Parr writes in a very simple, easy language. Many people compare her to Astrid Lindgren – I think that this is well deserved.

“Theo – theatrical captain” by Nina Dashevskaya

I advise you to meet the little mouse Theodore, or Theo, who lives with his family in the building of the opera house. For a long time, people did not even suspect about the neighborhood with mice, until Theo accidentally ruined the outfit of one of the ballerinas. This is where the fun began. I can only say one thing: the finale will definitely move you.

Nina Dashevskaya, laureate of the Kniguru literary prize, the V.P. Krapivina, not only tells the story of the mouse family, but also introduces children to the world of music, mentioning some professional terms and immediately explaining them. So this is not only interesting but also useful reading.


“Twelve Spectators” by Inna Manakhova

The main character of this very serious and touching book is 15-year-old Anya. But the reader will not get to know her right away: the girl has disappeared. The whole city takes part in her search. 12 people who knew her in one way or another tell us where and under what circumstances they saw her for the last time.

There are no insignificant details here – each episode comes together in one big picture, through which the reader understands what really happened to Anya. The characters’ characters are conveyed very vividly and accurately.

Inna Manakhova is a popular contemporary writer. For “Twelve Spectators” she received an award from the Sergei Mikhalkov International Competition.

Boy in Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

The topic raised by the Irish writer John Boyne is very complex. However, adolescents, I believe, need to read such books. The action takes place during the Second World War. The boy Bruno, along with his family, moves to Poland from Germany – this is required by the work of his father, who was appointed commandant of the concentration camp. But due to his too young age, he does not know anything about what his parent is doing.

Bruno meets the boy Shmuel. They have a lot in common and they soon become best friends. But Shmuel lives on the other side of the barbed wire – he, along with his relatives and other Jewish families, was brought here to be destroyed. The story ends scary. But at the same time it makes you think, gives a lot of topics for conversation.

In 2008, director Mark Herman directed the film of the same name based on the novel. If you like the book, be sure to check out the film adaptation.

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