MIL-OSI China: Film explores fears of living alone


Source: China State Council Information Office 3

As the first Chinese film to shed light on the safety of women who live alone, the upcoming thriller The Door Lock is scheduled to open across the Chinese mainland on Nov 19.
Executive producer Wu Bai and director Bie Ke as well as stars Bai Baihe and Bai Ke attended the premiere in Beijing on Nov 17, revealing they hope the movie will raise public awareness about how to stay safe for people who live alone, especially single women.
The movie starts with Fang Hui, a young woman played by Bai Baihe, striving for career success in a metropolis. But her tranquil routine is disturbed after discovering the door handle violently destroyed, leading to a string of odd events and a bone-chilling mystery.
Director Bie said the story was inspired by several real stories of his friends, making him more concerned when reading news about incidents involving women who live alone.
Speaking about the impact of the film, actress Bai Baihe recalled she was so immersed she felt nervous when alone, even after shooting. “During that period, I didn’t dare take an elevator alone, as I worried how I could escape if some (dangerous) person suddenly got in,” she said during the premiere.
“The danger is probably close to us. We hope the film could help more people know the key tips to stay safe and better protect themselves while living alone.”

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