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Librarian advice: choose good poetry for kids, for older children – books about animals, and for high school students – about finding yourself.

On weekends, employees of Moscow libraries tell about books that will help you spend your family evening in an interesting and useful way. Irina Vinokurova, who works in library number 243, chose six books. Among them there are new items, and those with which more than one generation has grown up.


“Fairy Tales and Pictures” by Vladimir Suteev

We always recommend Fairy Tales and Pictures when parents ask us what interesting things to take home. This is a time-tested classic for the youngest readers, which everyone knows, but is often forgotten about. The collection of the Soviet writer, artist and animator Vladimir Suteev is ideal for viewing and reading with the whole family. Adults will surely remember these kind funny stories with beautiful illustrations in a recognizable style – “Who said“ meow ”?”, “Chicken and duckling”, “Sack of apples” and others.

Suteev often said that he wants children to grow up amid jokes and fun, so his stories are just like that. They are simple, uncomplicated, but teach kindness and mutual assistance.

“Both loudly and in the ear” by Ekaterina Karganova

The poems of the writer Ekaterina Karganova, in my opinion, are very similar to those of Agnia Barto. Despite the fact that they are written for children, even an adult cannot tear themselves away – there is so much sincerity, warmth, kindness and comfort in them, I want to stay with their heroes as long as possible.

Kids, by the way, learn these rhymes very easily. In our library we run a circle called “In the world of fairy tales” and ask what the children want to read by heart. Most often they read to us poems by Karganova.

She has written over 150 children’s books in total. If you like this collection, be sure to continue your acquaintance with her work.

Older guys

Sarah Pennipacker’s Pax

American writer Sarah Pennypacker wrote a very touching story about the friendship of a boy and a fox. You read the book and you understand that animals are endowed with soul, character, they can be offended, upset. Everything is like people. A fox named Pax, like his new friend, boy Peter, is losing his parents. The boy and the fox understand each other without words and, it seems, will never part. But fate is preparing an unpleasant surprise for them. Which one and what they will do – read it yourself.

Pax is one of those books that really grab kids. Moreover, even adults, because parents often read it too. In addition to the topic of friendship, it also touches on the topic of war – you will definitely have something to discuss after reading.

“Elk on the couch, vervet on the stove” by Yulia Govorova

The modern writer Yulia Govorova knows everything about animals. She works in a small zoo in Pushkinskie Gory, watches over its inhabitants, takes care of them. The author writes about the animals that came here from circuses, those that, as a result of some incident, turned out to be of no use to anyone. About each of the heroes – the bear Vasilisa, the sable Fedya and many others – she speaks with extraordinary warmth, love, talks about their habits. I would certainly like to get acquainted with them, to visit this zoo.

Illustrations for the book were made by Irina Makoveeva, Honored Artist of Russia, laureate of the International Literary Prize named after V.V. Bianchi. I’m sure you will spend a lot of time looking at them.


“Literodur” by Julia Linde

Many teenagers who are keen on the Internet, gadgets and computer games find it very difficult to get interested in a book. I advise them to offer “Liteodur” by the modern writer Julia Linde – the story that everyone has a purpose, you just need to follow it and adhere to your principles. In 2018, the book won the main prize at the Sergei Mikhalkov International Competition.

The main character is a high school student Zhenya, who writes poetry, but very much doubts her talent and herself as a person. “Liteodura” is her merciless confession, born of the need to write an autobiography to participate in a poetry competition. Many young readers recognize themselves in Zhenya, together with her they understand their inner world and look at life in a new way.

“The True Story of Santa Claus” by Andrey Zhvalevsky and Evgenia Pasternak

Despite the fact that the New Year is not coming soon, you can read a book about this holiday right now. I highly recommend it, it is beyond praise. It was created by a very famous author’s tandem who writes for teenagers.

Readers will not only follow the century-long adventures of engineer Sergei Morozov, who turns into a kind wizard once a year, but also learn how people used to celebrate a holiday, what music they listened to, how they dressed and spent their leisure time. What I liked best was how the 1942 offensive was described. It was interesting to read what parents and children experienced, how they decorated the Christmas tree and what wishes they made when saying goodbye to the first war year.

The authors have done a very good research work, all events are conveyed in a very naturalistic way. In 2007, the book was awarded a diploma at the All-Russian competition of works for children and youth “Scarlet Sails”.

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